Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The most fun I’ve had reading in ages

It all started with a tweet.

Isn’t that always the case these days?

My two-time drink partner and forever girl crush Deborah Campbell (recently nominated for a Canadian magazine award for this article) linked to an article: A veteran journalist offers advice to a young journalist.

It’s a wicked read. Don’t have time to peruse? Here’s the gist of her advice:

Don’t go to journalism school. Don’t try to join the ranks. It will ruin you.


If you insist….do it the right way. Don’t be a sissy. Live. Read the best journalism pieces you can get your hands on.

This is the piece she linked to, and the article I urge you to read.

I finished minutes ago and peeled my ass off the balcony to link it…hard. Sure, the article is a few years old. Don’t matter. It’s timeless.

Competely worth the  56 pages of company paper you may need to bring it home. 

Went to my usual reading spot this evening and couldn’t move. 
Holla reading spot, you'll be missed too. 

It’s about 40 degrees at nighttime in Doha these days, but once I started sweating, wrapped a block of ice in a paper towel and poured it over my head, neck and face, ridding myself of the desperate need to move indoors.

But this isn’t about me

Read it. Have fun. It might not make you a better person, but I promise you’ll love it. 


  1. I should say today that this was hardcore drunk blogging.

    The article is still awesome though.

  2. "It all started with a tweet. Isn’t that always the case these days?"



  3. That does look like quite the sweet reading spot though, throw a 42 inch plasma on the wall, get yourself a nice little beer fridge beside that chair and you're set!

  4. Haaaaaate you, Gord.
    You'd be so good at twitter too. What a waste.

    I sound like such an ahole.

  5. Thanks for the link to that article about journalism. It was fantastic. Although, I recently quit my day job, so I feel like a fucking tool. But, well, you know.

    Wish you safe travels home.


  6. The article about journalism makes some good points, especially about j-school. Gotta say what it doesn't, though: Getting a journalism job without having gone to a j-school is next to impossible.

    Eyebleaf, you're a star now. Don't worry about quitting your job. Another will come your way shortly, I'm sure.

  7. Bullshit on the post above. Simply not true. Many newspaper editors simply refuse to hire kids from journalism school. Then again, not sure there are many of those jobs becoming available anytime soon

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