Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thoughts on: Avatar

I have no interest in seeing Avatar. It looks stupid. 

Clearly, millions disagree.

My decisions to avoid Avatar is detrimental to social discourse. I have this conversation daily:

Zomg!  Have you seen Avatar?


L8r, geek.
The hype swirling around Avatar will not persuade me to see it. I don’t fall easily to social pressure. Case in point, I waited an entire year before seeing Titanic. Imagine the difficulties presented to a thirteen year-old girl in 1997 who hadn’t seen Titanic. It was hell. I was a Matt Damon/Good Will Hunting fan and after telling someone I wouldn’t see Titanic because Leo was a wiener, I had to stand my ground. So I watched it one year later (in secret) and I was like yeaaaa okay, he’s still kind of a wiener.  

But, as usual, I digress. Here are the reasons why I won’t see Avatar:

1.      1.)  James Cameron. Leader of the douche parade. Have you seen this guy?
       Stop making him so rich.

2.       That’s really all I’ve got. My argument is weak.

You know what would be neat? If all Avatar-loving nerds flew off to Pandora (you know they would) and left the rest of us on boring, crappy planet Earth. Earth - that dreadful place with waterfalls and rainbows and polar bears and MONKEYS THAT PLAY WITH TIGERS. Earth isn’t awesome at all.
If Avatar fiends chose to live on Pandora, that would leave earth for the rest of us to play with.   It would be awesome. We’d have a substantially less annoying population, with more space for jumping and what not.

We’d hang out and watch sports and eat food and swim in our inferior oceans. And I could browse the Internet without the omnipresent possibility of running into an another Avatar meme.

If you're a non-Avatar fiend, show yourself! I want to know who I'd be hanging out with. 

Please see below post for thoughts on films I’ve actually seen. That might make more sense. 


  1. Meredith, I just want you to know that I'd be on that island with you. I'm probably the last human being in CA that still hasn't seen Avatar. And now, I have a medical excuse:

  2. Meredith I couldnt agree more! The other day visited Cine Centre and watchd a chic flick instead of the 'zillion dollar crossing box office hit' Avatar, even though Im not a big fan of chic flicks..definitely didnt like the thought of paying 35 bux for it!
    I regretted watching '2012', sadly following the rave reviews! Its abt time producers give up on these 'save the world' movies! Its ridiculous how the lead actor always survives despite thousands dying all around...!!
    Im definitely staying on Earth....!


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