Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Spirit

“What passes for hip cynical transcendence of sentiment is really some kind of fear of being really human, since to be really human … is probably to be unavoidably sentimental and naïve and goo-prone and generally pathetic.” 
— David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

Right, David Foster Wallace? Thank you for reminding us that it’s okay to like things without irony. Passion, people. Passion!!
Speaking of, how about that Olympic hockey? I did the whole wake up at 3:30 am thing to watch Canada lose to the stinking Yanks. Here's hoping we meet them again in the medal round. That'd be the bizness. 

Someone on my twitter wrote that she’s going to go all Tonya Harding on Ryan Miller in Vancouver. And I’m like, yes! If we can’t win fairly the most deceitful way is next best. We want that medal.

Random Olympic thoughts

It is hard to cheer against Ovechkin, but I’m doing it. Although, I have no shame in saying his hit on Jagr was the sex.


Teeeeeeemu Selanneeeeeee will be handsome forever.

Jon Montgomery (great Scottish name) is singlehandedly making gingers hot

Keith Law asked a question of his twitter flock recently. Lindsey Vonn: Pretty or Olympics pretty?
Keith Law: Painfully average or TV ugly?

I don’t want to hate on Keith. He read Ulysses. I’m a fan of bookish jock types. BUT when first reading his tweet, the feminist in me got all fist-shaky. Men feel they have the right to judge a woman’s appearance right to her face, or in this case, via tweet. Then I remembered how I talk about hot dudes  and their faces/bodies all the time and how I’m in no position to judge Keith Law. 

I also talk about ugly dudes.

Which reminds me, when they showed Michael Phelps in the crowd at today’s game, I thought for a second it was Jim from the Office.
Jim is an extremely handsome man. Phelps DOES NOT look like Jim. It was 4 a.m. and the camera was playing tricks on me. Ugh, Phelps will haunt me forever, won’t he? 

What's my problem with Phelps? You must be new.


Tiger Tiger Woods y’all. So he’s not an Olympian but he COULD be. If he wanted to. Though I’m quite sure he doesn’t. My favourite part of Tiger’s statement was when he talked about his sense of entitlement. Why? Because now I have reason to say things like this:

Going to soak up UV by the pool because I feel that I have worked hard my entire life and deserve to enjoy all the temptations around me.

Going to get loser drunk tonight because I feel that I have worked hard my entire life and deserve to enjoy all the temptations around me.

Going to stay up until 5 a.m. watching cat videos because I feel that I have worked hard my entire life and deserve to enjoy all the temptations around me.

Thanks, Tiger.


Canada won a non-Olympic gold medal last week. It was in debate. The finals were held in Qatar. This country is so random sometimes.


The cross-country skiing/shooting biathalon has to be the most random Olympic sport. How exactly does one discover they're among the best in the world at both long-distance skiing and rifle shooting? Mind, meet boggled..  


Here’s Stephen Colbert reading Cat Fancy. High-brow elitist bastard.


Winter Olympians are all insane.


Vancouver looks incredible.


I wish I was there. 


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