Monday, January 4, 2010

One year in Qatar

Yesterday marked 365 days since I touched down in Doha. One year of living the Arabian dream, baby. It’s astounding how quickly time has gone. The last month is especially blurry. Holidays. Sheesh.

One year in Doha. Wow. Do you know how many socially awkward conversations I’ve had that that were spoken entirely in Arabic, by everyone but me? Maybe 100.

I had one such conversation this morning. Usually what happens is, someone makes a joke. Everyone else laughs. Then I laugh, half a beat later. Everyone else is already wearing serious faces. They frown at me. I wear blank expression until conversation finishes.

It’s still a trip, one year later.

What have you been up to? Make any new year’s resolutions? I sure as hell didn’t, but I stole one from Brenda, which is probably a better plan.

2010: be it resolved that (that’s not right) Meredith will "be more aware of other people and their feelings.”
Or something.

Brenda is one of the only truly good people I know (no offense everyone else), so hopefully by stealing her resolution some of that goodness will rub off on me. If I were left to my own devices, my resolutions would include becoming shockingly thin, abstaining from alcohol during the week (as to get drunker on weekends), and blogging on the regular. Hey, those aren’t so bad. Forget you, Brenda!

So, one year in Doha means Hack the Bone’s first birthday is approaching. This calls for a celebration.

Manolos are on sale at 70% off right now!! That’s practically free (not at all). If you can’t wear pretty shoes while typing half-hazardly from the Interwebs, when can you?!

One year of blogging. Time moves. I’d like to thank the people who inspire me daily – Michael Phelps, Rory McIlroy, CONRAD Black, every LOLCats cat ever, and Sarah Palin. Thank you to the menaces of society for keeping me thoroughly grossed out/entertained/awestruck. I would have nothing to write about without the legions of fascinatingly unattractive people who do stupid things.

Here are some of my favourite posts from the year:

The True Story of my Inbred PuppiesThis is the post that established HTB as one of the Internet’s largest suppositories of photos of inbred puppies. Go on, google image it. You’ll find the angels I birthed with my two hands (and don’t you forget it) all over the page. Bing isn't so kind, but I’m still Internet famous - the only kind of fame that matters anymore.

Blog Wars
Gord and Meg versus Mere and Duncan. An epic showdown of nerds. Or rather, two nerds and two cool people in love with geeks. Glory days never last.This online rivalry continued until Gord and Meg got lives and stopped blogging. It was good while it lasted.

Fun with Facebook
Get this - Bone Grinder’s name is STILL Bone Grinder.

Happy New Year everyone! 2010 is going to be sweet.


  1. Happy Doha anniversary, and happy new year. Any regrets? Has the experience been what you thought it would be? How long do you plan on staying there? Are there still lots of jobs available? 20 questions!!!1 Well, actually just four of them, but you know what I mean.

  2. Hey!!! I had a plan to ask YOU a bunch of questions. Then you ignored me. Whiskey tango foxtrot.

    Thanks for the wishes. You know, ever since I saw Roger Federer in street clothes about an hour ago, Doha has far exceeded any and all expectations. I'm still buzzing from that.

    No regrets. If the Leafs/Jays make the playoffs while I'm away, I could be singing a different tune. So far, so good!!!1 Hang in there, friend.

    And yes the jobs are still plentiful. My contract's up in March, so that's decision time. We'll see...

    But really, I have questions for you. It's a thing I'm doing. Help me out.

  3. Please excuse my very rude ignoring of you, of which I have zero recollection. I'm sorry!!1

    And don't worry, the Leafs and Jays are synonymous with not making the playoffs. You're covered.

    I'll be glad to help you out. Shoot me an email:

  4. Hmmmmm... I think my new year's resolution shall be not to be good and thus not forgotten ;-

    I heard something about a new post, Manolo's and tennis men...

    Happy anniversary Mereditherer dearest!

    xxx BJ


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