Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My next mission

The Qatar Masters is coming up.

There's still no confirmation as to whether Rory McIlroy is participating or not.

Or maybe there is. You do the research, please.

Anyway, if he does attend, something special has to happen. Rory's history with HTB demands it.

As such, my mission is this:

Have photo taken with Rory McIlory. Look surly.

It doesn’t matter how nice I have to be to get the photo, only the end result counts.

Must look like I hate Rory McIlory while standing next to him.

Maybe if I explain about the mission…..

A photobomb, though cool, would be a failure.

Speaking of photobombs- have you seen the best celebrity photobombers? Kate Beckinsale ginger for the win?

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