Thursday, January 7, 2010

January Nuggets

Taking a page from the sometimes book of Toronto hero eyebleaf and writing a post in point form. Style can be exhausting sometimes.

**Post-post-writing Ed note – this turned into a link dump. Revert back here when looking for something shiny to distract you, sweet magpies.

• What the hell is a Justin Beiber? My favourite YouTuber, Pruane seems to know. I'm looking at Justin Beiber now, and all I can think is, the robots are coming?? THEY'RE ALREADY HERE!!

• Are you a fan of The Office? Then you may have noticed the show has taken a decidedly darker route this season, or that something feels a little off, but you can’t put your finger on what's different. This article can help: Why The Office has become the most depressing show on television. Great read.

• Ever since I showed the tiniest interest in the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight (that’s boxing, by the way…who knew), the Philipinos in my office have taken to shouting “Manny! Manny! Manny!” every time I enter the building. This has been going on for weeks. In actuality, I don’t know anything about boxing, save for what Joyce Carol Oates has told me, but I now feel compelled to read everything possible about it. It's a shady attempt to win favour with my colleagues and it's totally working. Come again? The fight's maybe probably definitely off? Aweeeeesome. Thank you Jebus.

• I love me some Howard Stern. I hate me some creationist Kirk Cameron. That's probably why this three part video of Howard ripping into Cameron and everything he believes in, makes me so happy.

• Morgan Freeman replaced Walter Cronkite as CBS’ ‘voice of God.’ Morgan Freeman, imagine that! What an inspired decision. Can’t you just see a bunch of white dudes sitting around the CBS boardroom calling this?

White guy #1 “Oh shit. We can’t use Cronkey’s voice anymore. Who do we call?”

Three second pause.

White guy #2 “I hear Morgan Freeman has some voice-over experience.”

Done deal.

You can listen toFreeman’s introduction of the nightly news here.  Booooo-ring. They should have called Kenny Rogers. Or Dolly.

• A version of the next Twilight movie script was leaked online. Hahahaha.

• Jersey Show. Man. That show permeated universal consciousness in a scary fast way, eh? I watched the pilot last night. It was futile to ignore the buzz any longer. After finally succumbing to the hype and knowing my predilection for everything trashy, I figured I’d be hooked. Amazingly, the show didn't take. I passed on Jersey Shore and now feel invinsible to crap. Someone buy me a monocle.

• I already linked to this on my twitter but it’s worth a second, third and fourth look: the 20 craziest Tyra Show moments. If you only watch one clip, make it the homeless one. No, I take that back. Make it the one where she goes undercover as a man. Oh forget it, watch them all. Tyra is a gift. It's so sad that she's ending her run next year. There are few things in life more fun than judging a judgy Tyra Banks. Who's going to fill the void?

• Yesterday, someone sent me information that they claimed might make me like Rory McIroy. I promptly deleted it. The boy is a pig and there’s no evidence to the contrary. Harumph. I’ve since thought more about this McIlroy-surly-photo plan, which got me thinking about photobombs again. Animal photobombs in particular. Here are my favourite animal photobombs:


  1. Style can be bloody exhausting. I'm glad you agree.

    The Philipinos actually shout "Manny! Manny! Manny!" every time you enter the building? That is amazing. I want an entrance like that every time I come into work. You need a title belt, or something.

    You know what's amazing about Morgan Freeman? Thanks to his voice, he has job security for the rest of his life. Freeman laughs in the face of the global economic downturn. And it sounds fantastic.

    I'm concerned; are you saying Jersey Shore isn't trashy enough?

    Has that picture of the squirrel and the couple won the Pulitzer yet? It really ought to.

  2. Oh the lifestyle of a blonde girl living in a Muslim nation desperate for the approval of the ever so stingy and difficult to please Philipino PR market...

  3. gah! that last cat photobomb is more or less the best thing i have ever seen.

  4. Yes, they actually chant when I walk in the room. It's a good feeling. I NEED this fight to happen, our working relationship depends on it. This whole "I won't take a blood test" thing is a ruse, right? Boxers play all kinds of mental games leading up to a fight...RIGHT?

    Gord, you nailed it. This is my life now.

    "Freeman laughs in the face of the global economic downturn. And it sounds fantastic." is maybe my favourite line ever.


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