Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coupla Things

So Rory McIlroy is a little Irish shite. He’s probably not coming to Doha. After a successful 2009 season on the European Tour, Rory decided to expand his horizons and join the PGA Tour.

Rory wants to play with the best golfers on the best courses in the world.

And I want to stand beside him and look surly.

Guess who out of the two of us is going to get their way? That’s right, the rich 19 year-old wins. Again.

Though he’ll continue to play on the European Tour and play the US majors, Rory’s 95% not coming to the Qatar Masters. That means I won’t get my chance to silently mock him. No photobomb, no nothing. I hate that talented man-boy more than ever.

Also, apparently McIlroy is in line to fill Tiger’s shoes while Woods takes a little break to sort out his bizness. I heard Tiger ran into some trouble but am not sure; it’s really hard to find details.


How many times do I have to link to the 1980s dating video before you watch? It’s six minutes of Internet gold. You won’t regret watching this one. Promise. It’s not anything like that new walrus video.

At night I operate a damsel in distress hotline. I guess you’d call me a knight.


Team Conan. Obviously. Here’s my favourite Conan-related tweet:
@Ihnatko: Conan is on fire tonight. Like any Sith Lord worth his salt, his hate has made him strong.

I like to freak out my colleagues and set my desktop background to something really awkward and lame. Here's a screencap of what my desktop looks like now:

Need something equally classy for next week.

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