Wednesday, November 4, 2009

When idiots attack

Ohhh shoot! Levi Johnston (you know, the kid who knocked up Sarah Palin’s daughter and is posing for Playboy next month) has a twitter feed and it’s the greatest thing ever! He only has 3,000 followers right now, so check it out before a responsible adult makes him delete the account.

Levi can’t spell and he’s racist and sexist and talks about drug use and his decision to pose naked. Someone get this kid a muzzle. Levi Johnston in his own words (if I find out this is fake, I’ma be crushed) is a prime example of why I love twitter so. As soon as you let public figures (and I use that term loosely here) speak for themselves, everything their long-suffering publicists work for goes to the dogs.

Did you read that Vanity Fair story that took one of his interviews and turned it into a readable and widely entertaining piece on the Palin family? If you missed it, the online link is here. You have to feel sorry for the journalist whose job it was to spin Levi’s ramblings into something decipherable.

Have I mentioned before that I love the Internet?


  1. Well...except for the fact that 95% of their posts are written by their long-suffering, highly paid publicists


  2. It's fake!!! And I was looking into his query, "Is it true that fat kids never get kidnapped"


  3. You two make up the cutest commenting couple of all time.

    I realized it was fake after the tweet "this is a fake account. Consider yourself punk'd."
    At least I'm in good company with the Huffington Post, William Shatner and Conan O'Brien who also jumped the gun.

    Please see upcoming post on the hundreds of things I've been wrong about...


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