Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I’ve been wrong before

Yes, the Levi Johnston twitter account is fake. It’s so fake, in fact, that Levi is trying to sue twitter for allowing such a brazen impersonation to occur. Let’s get this straight – Levi is upset someone compromised the reputation he’s worked so hard to sculpt? Homeboy is an idiot. On another note, I can’t wait for his Playgirl spread. I think there'll be moose involved.

Here are other things I’ve been wrong about:

1. There may be more to the Letterman-Drew Barrymore relationship than intellect and repartee.

2. This cat not being a cheeseburger:

I think that’s everything. Let’s move on.


Self-promotion:  the project I’ve been slaving over lately culminated yesterday in a successful event and comparable media coverage.  A client actually HUGGED me (if you work in an agency you know that’s special). It was a very good day professionally. Also, Hack the Bone was named one of Qatar’s Best Blogs by Hack the Bone – “read for lighthearted posts.” I’m very happy to be mentioned (even happier Hack the Bone hasn’t gotten me deported) but there is nothing lighthearted about Michael Phelps’ face (or as I like to call it, proof that pobody’s nerfect).


What’s the best way to make your face redder than Santa’s at the Boxing Day staff party? Boot camp.

There’s no reason to mention boot camp, other than the fact that I want everyone to know I’m exercising and at the same time, to try out that Santa joke. It was hilarious, so mission accomplished.


It’s fall/winter in Doha so there are things to do besides sit around talking about the heat and looking at pictures of camels. The England and Brazil national football teams are playing a friendly on the weekend. Brazil and England in Qatar?

Why, you ask?  Come on, people. For the monies! Apparently the players are already in town, sans Beckham. Whatever Beckham, that’s cool. I would rather bump into Rooney anyway. He seems nice. Big ears, not much cauliflowering.

It feels as if everyone in the country has tickets to the game – our softball match is even cancelled so people can attend conflict free (softball update - we won 25-6 last week in a game I missed because I can’t say no to Risk and champagne, long story, but yes I am kind of pissed the team won so handily without me, a girl just wants to feel needed you know, read that aloud in one breath it'll improve your wind pipes).

There will be no booze served at the game, not that it matters to most people. Do I talk about drinking too much? Question asked, question answered. Anyway. Officials were worried things would get too rowdy for the conservative Qatari crowd, so one of the British papers ran an article pleading fans not to get drunk and paint their half-naked bodies. In other words, there will be few sauced and overweight Brits with flags painted on their bellies screaming out the words to the Wayne Rooney song.
  In even more other words, the atmosphere is going to suck.

The equestrian championships are happening on the same night in another arena. Another Doha planning FAIL. We choose football, but it was hard to say no to the horsies.

Speaking of beautiful creatures – Federer has confirmed he’s playing in Doha in January 2010.

Speaking of impending beauty in Doha - Jimmy Choo's H&M line is coming to town next Thursday and it's bringing this dress: 



  1. Meredith, you make my head spin. So much info, in such little space...amazing. Congrats on not being tossed from Doha, yet!

  2. You're one funny chick Mereditherer!

    I like I like

    xx DKM's neighbour

  3. what! i'm so disappointed levi johnston is a fake!

  4. Will watch the England game at the Main Event - scanning the crowd shots and wishing I was there - only consolation - pints!

  5. @Sybil - Almost a year and I'm still going strong.

    @BJ - Sorry no, Three girls, two guys, a boat and Jeep entry today. I'm working on the screenplay instead.

    @Alex - That'll teach us to believe in things.

    @ArBeeAr - Consolation pints are the best kind of pints. Hahaha that's my new favourite pun.


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