Monday, October 19, 2009

Tribeca in Doha

Exciting thing of the day - The Doha Tribeca Film Festival launches October 29. Ten days. It’s the first time the festival has come to Doha. Needless to say, Qatar residents are kiiiind of looking forward to it.

Expectations are high. The city is ripe with anticipation. Interest on the Facebook group is surging. I’ve never seen so many “like” comments in my entire, fruitful online life. General media coverage has been excellent too. The local press has been saturated with all things DTFF for weeks. Amanda Palmer (Executive Director and unofficial Doha cinematic siren {not my words}) is presently on the cover of our most respectable magazine and is quoted in the papers pretty much daily.

And surprise, surprise – on top of all of the hype, the film list is actually worth checking out.

Since this is Qatar, loud whispers run rampant through our dusty city. The Doha rumour mill has been steadily churning for ages. People are talking about who’s coming, who’s not coming, who’s censoring what, and where the best parties are. My friend Brenda desperately wants to hit up a red carpet and wear a ball gown to something, ANYTHING. I hear that.

The organizers kept the celebrity guest list hush hush until recently. De Niro will definitely be in town, along with Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle. I have a feeling there are more “stars” coming but they haven’t confirmed yet. My buddy is the Tribeca new media guy and I can’t get any information out of him. I even got him drunk. Nothing. He’s like a stoic, spectacle-sporting vault.

It’s all just very exciting to have some action in Doha after the long and brutal summer. Maybe there’s even too much action - check this Doha planning fail – the film fest and Sony Ericsson Women’s tennis tournament (Williams sisters, holla) fall on the same days. What a crock. Doha holds four events per year that I actually want to attend and they stick two of them on the same week. Good thing I have a blog to complain on or I might have had to take this on the up and up. 

Where does the up and up lead to, anyway?

For the record, I choose Tribeca over women’s tennis. The men’s program would have been a lot tougher to miss.

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  1. Touche', Roger is waaaaay hotter than Serena. Enjoy DTFF!


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