Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It’s time for a smattering of nuggets from around the webosphere. Because if there’s anything I like to do, it’s share my superior grasp of web sport (no softball jokes please) with you. Okay you’re on Google Reader. Give me some of that sweet, sweet pep….

First, let’s check in with Mashable (the female social media geek’s choice) who tells us:

There’s yet another reason Apple brand loyalists can feel superior to Windows users.
Mac owners are wealthier than PC owners. Does this mean hipsters are going to reject the Mac and revert back to a clunky Dell? Wait and see, friends.

Mac-loving hipster photo via Gawker

When celebrities die, people share sad feelings on Facebook. But don’t worry because Thanksgiving is a happy time.

If you have kids or plan on bringing small people into the world, do humankind a favour and keep them away from the computer. Yes, I see the irony in posting this article directly after my last entry but it’s serious. If CNN and a research facility predict the future correctly, the next generation of kids will suffer from
chronic internet addiction. I think I have that. According to the report, “
ADHD and hostility were linked to Internet addiction in all children, while social phobia and depression were linked to internet addiction in girls.

Wait a minute. ADHD started long before Al Gore invented the Internet, folks. But the social phobia and depression part isn’t surprising. Kids are mean! I’m so glad to have skipped the whole cyber-bullying thing. Think about it, fellow twenty-somethings. If kids in the playground can be mean, surely kids shrouded in
anonyminity on the Internet must be seven hundred times as awful. Shudder.

You see that? It's the hairy arm of corruption.

Well that was uplifting. What else, what else…

Are you sick of the Letterman story yet? Too bad, your opinion doesn’t matter. Last night, Dave’s employee Craig Ferguson defended his boss. While expected, Ferguson’s monologue was still infinitely funnier and classier than Jimmy Fallon’s response:

"There’s a new book out called
 Why Women Have Sex that has a list of the 237 reasons why women have sex, and Letterman knows the top ten.

I don't get it. Does that make any sense to you? I could totally be a Jimmy Fallon staff writer: Top Ten list! Ummmm….Stupid human tricks! Errr…..You got any gum?  Bleeeeecccch.

And who is Jimmy Fallon to call out Letterman? Show some respect, newbie.

Letterman hosted his first show after “the confession” and used it as a platform to apologize to pretty much everyone. Why can’t this just go away already? I guess I’m not helping the cause much. Hypocrisy abounds.


Do you know what a capybara is? Please, watch this
video of a popsicle-hungry cute face and educate yourself. That woman is totally me in 45 years.

And THEN watch a tiny cat

I feel better too. 

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  1. LOL!

    That capybara looks like a giant, mutated prairie dog/gopher!! Hilarious. Even more hilarious is me picturing you as that woman. haha loves ittt.


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