Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ramadan is great

Remember how I said Hack the Bone would get back on track during Ramadan’s lackadaisical working hours? I was wrong. To prevent future eff ups, I’m never going to set any goals for myself, ever. That’s the guaranteed road to success.

Things have been crazy busy. I’m trying to ‘earn’ my trip to Rome next week by working extra hard. Then I play Risk.
Ten days later and this game is still going on. I'm the Red Coat wannabe colonialists.
I've also been shopping. Ramadan sales are incredible. All of the money I’ve saved by not eating and drinking has gone directly back into my closet. Call me vapid but you should see my shoes and suits and dresses and bags! It is sooo easy to justify spending money in Doha.

This is my usual train of thought while trying something on:

I shouldn’t spend this much.

It’s designer and on sale.

70% off of Armani is still a lot of money.

But I’m bored and I work really hard.

Don’t you have a wedding to save for?

I live in the desert. I deserve this.

Anddd repeat.
So that’s what I’ve been up to.

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  1. "I live in the desert. I deserve this." Hell, yeaaaaaah. That's my mantra, sista!


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