Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm drinking a caesar right now...

.and it's three p.m. Excuse if this post reads a little melodramatic. Emo on a Saturday.

One week in Rome. Probably the most amazing of my life. Every street, every corner, every inch of it is beautiful. Even the striking unioners' protest signs fit in with Rome's inredible backdrops. Even the stray cats have a sophisticated charm. Hell, even the garbage bins were cool. We ate and drank like kings. Our hotel room was upgraded to a suite, so we had a sprawling balcony with a view of St. Peter's. We watched a three hour lighting storm move across the sky from that spot, but weren't touched by one drop of rain. I was blessed by the Pope -- a thrill for any good Catholic girl.

But the best part? Each decadent minute was spent with the most hilarious and agreeable travel partner anyone could ask for.

I'm officially a sap.

I am so grateful for the chance to go. Who knows where I'd be now, if my life wasn't transported to Qatar. Sure, there are gripes about living in a sandbox, but when you're a mere five hour flight from Italy, Africa, the Maldives...and you can take time off to go to these places, it's hard not to feel really, really lucky. I feel lucky.

Okay, enough of that. Let's get back to the fun business at hand. So many cool things have popped up on the Interwebz the past few weeks. Let's explore.

First up, is an article by Canadian journalist, Deborah Campbell on "the most hated name in news," Al Jazeera. Deborah wrote most of this while embedded in Qatar for a few weeks. I had the pleasure of hanging out with her a few times. She's young, attractive and brilliant. She's been everywhere and has seen so so many things. She calls herself an "amateur anthropologist," a term I'm kinddd of in love with. You can find a lot of her previous works online. All of her past stories for the Walrus are here. Her aticles are the kind you want to print out and enjoy with a cup of coffee (you can also buy the latest issue of the Walrus, which would love your support). As a Canadian women I'm really proud and awed of all she's accomplished. Check her out.


Do you write run-on sentences? Do you use a comma when a period will do? Do I? According to the National Post (and my twitter crush, Grammar Girl) you are probably part of the Facebook generation. The generation (my generation) who is solely responsible for the erosion of the English language. Please. People have been crying about the degradation of language and grammar for years. It's always the younger generation's fault. Because every person over 40 uses correct grammar 100% of the time, and people 25 and under are fools. It's as if once you turn 40 your spelling and grammar become impeccable. Lies!

I just checked my facebook wall and inbox and took an impromptu survey of the way young people write. Most of my friends actually sound like snug fitting smarty pants. Gasp! Then again, maybe we're just the clever ones.

Fellow young people- let's strike back at our critics. Avoid lazy fingers. Take an extra thirty seconds to capitalize your wall posts. Think for a minute about what you want to say. Then re-write it. Edit yourself mercilessly. Don't give the grammar police an inch. We're smart and we know how to express ourselves like civilized people. Stand up for yourself poindexter! Now read #99 of Stuff White People Like to understand this rant.

On the same thread, check out Copyblogger's list of the top ten blogs for writers. People love lists.

What else has caught my attention of late?

Well, I'm obsessed with literal versions of music videos on YouTube. Ever wish songs just sang what was happening in the music video? Well now they do! The best is probably Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart. Link is here.


Did you see Pete and Trudy's charleston on Mad Men? If yes, then you have been witness to the best minute and a half of television from the past ten years. It is perfect.

Video here. Look at their fancy feet. I want to be them! I keep replaying the dance over and over in my head. In fact, in Rome, I tried to recreate it (solo) on our balcony after day champagne and night vino and FAILED. 


  1. OMG I was dying on Mad Men when they did that dance - I was wondering what you were doing in those pics but it all makes sense now!

  2. Haha yes there's almost always a method to my madness.

    Pete is my favourite character times one million and that dance almost killed me. Love him so so much.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that link from the National Post. I'm producing a show about digital literacy this Thursday and, needless to say, I needed that.

    Also: I love commas, and run on sentences.

  4. Still waiting for this elusive DKM post...


  5. @eye When I started this blog, I always hoped it would ultimately be used an educational tool. Pffffffffffft. Glad you found something pertinent.

    You and me both, Gord. You and me both.


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