Tuesday, September 8, 2009

After all, tomorrow is another day

Apple's announcing something tomorrow. It may or may not be iTunes9, which may or may not be the future of online music creeping. As I posted on August 12...

The Interweb rumour mill tells me iTunes might take the leap into social media. Apparently users will be able to broadcast what they’re listening to, buying, etc. on social networks. This is fantastic news. If iTunes social media gives me full access to what my friends are listening to (not what they want people to THINK they’re listening to) it will be creep heaven. “Wow, Lindsay sure listens to a lot of Jonas Brothers.” “Um, Danielley- I didn’t know you were so into Christian Metal and pornographic audio books. You’re a complicated soul.”

Ohhh the possibilities.
Potential review of iTunes 9 coming soon. Hoorah!

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