Monday, August 24, 2009

Tiger Woods '10

I bought DKM an early birthday present the other day – a Tiger Woods golf game. He’s no gamer (THANK GOD) but he’s addicted to this one, which is fine by me. While he plays Tiger, I’m freed up to do the solitary activities I’m so fond of doing. 

Last night however, because I’m nice, I played a few rounds with him. First, I created a golfer modeled after myself (which means she’s totally hot in a completely unrealistic computer babe way), which was all right. My golfer avatar has a serious temper and throws/breaks her clubs when she misses an easy shot. I guess that’s something I can relate to. If she goes to the bathroom and cries between rounds she’s most definitely a girl after my own heart.
Hot Meredith golfer aside, the thing I really like about this game is that you can play as professional golfers. It was fun flipping through my options last night – who should I be? 

Tiger Woods? Retief Goosen? Colin Montgomerie?
Rory McIlroy…..? Oh snap. 
Rory McIlroy - the boy fuggo I once made fun of. Hack the Bone scapegoat.

That was an easy choice. I thought playing as Rory would endear me to him,  that I would understand what it is really like to be the Rorster, if only just for a few minutes.
Well folks, Rory screwed me. I lost horribly to Adam Scott. Now I hate him even more.
The sad reality of this whole thing is that McIlory is totally going to come to the Qatar Open this year and I will follow him around for three days, hoping for an autograph. 

Ohhhhhhhhh well.

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  1. I see you have all of the proper golf etiquette. Attitude. Style. Clothes. Now your tantrum/throwing thing needs to be perfected. Here's a very nice technique you could incorporate into your Avitar.,28224,1720077,00.html?xid=forecast03100


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