Monday, August 17, 2009

Things I love about Twitter

It’s no secret that I’m a twitter nerd enthusiast.

The social network is a lifeline to the stream of constant information I’ve become accustomed to. While Facebook is making grounds through its integration of real-time search, it will be a while before Facebook catches up. For now (and I’m liable to change my fickle mind at any given moment), twitter is the ish.

Most people I know (in the Luddite world) haven’t exactly embraced the twitter movement. Haters prevail. As such, below are a few examples of why twitter is as exciting as Facebook circa 2005 (read, very exciting)

Maybe some of you will even join me.

First up...

Guilty Pleasure celebrities

I still watch The Hills despite hating everyone on the show. My disdain lies on a continuum from apathy (Audrina: meh) to contempt (Lauren Conrad: nosy busybody) to borderline awe (Speidi: wearing leather chaps and cowboy hats?! I hate you so much; I think I’m in love).
Each of the show's main characters has a twitter account. I know what you’re thinking- oh god, another venue for them to push their fakery all over the Interwebz. BUT, here's a shocker, the best part about The Hills' twitter-ing is that it's glaringly obvious that no one ghostwrites their twitter accounts (unlike their semi-autobiographical novels, here’s looking at you busybody).

Their accounts are filled with shoutouts to Miley Cyrus, pictures of Audrina’s fake boobs and morons proclaiming how much they love Jesus. For someone who appreciates the worst of humankind- these accounts are sacred. I don’t actually follow any of them. Ew God, no. But I hope they never go away so I can creep when no one’s looking.

Toronto Sports People
Twitter is a great place for a sports fan to hang out online. It’s a geeky place where journalists and bloggers and fans connect to disagree. My favourite sports tweeter is Globe and Mail writer Jeff Blair- known to calls out fans, athletes and writers alike for being dumb. I can’t lie – I have been on the receiving end of Blair’s wrath once or twice. Some might feel offended when a crusty journalist chirps them. For me, it was like a rite of passage.

Just don't follow Chris Bosh. He brings the headaches.

Fewer Creeps
On twitter, an average man is almost twice more likely to follow another man than a woman. That’s probably because twitter is a conversation and not a dating site. Is that a reason to love a social network? Sure, why not.

Speaking of Creeps
It’s a venue where I can tell Daryn Jones and George Strombo directly how I feel about them. Not that I do that or anything, but I’m comforted knowing the opportunity exists.

Robert Scoble
The man has an ego/personality as loud as his bright green avatar. People love to hate him and he often responds to his especially vocal haters. Fascinating stuff to watch.

Dolly Parton is on twitter and writes things like: The thing that's always worked for me is the fact that I look so totally artificial, but am so totally real.


Doha People
The twitter Qatar community is a small circle of eclectic people who like to spend a lot of time online. How small is this circle? There are less than 700 twitter accounts registered in the entire country. I’m currently ranked 13th among all users in Qatar and am the highest ranked female. It’s a wonder my head hasn't exploded from the adulation.

My Doha buddies always know what’s going on in the city/region and respond when the rest of the world is sleeping. Selfish, sleeping Canadians with their long weekends and what not.

I could go on. More to come…..

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