Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On Pearl Jam and Family

I posed a question to my twitter flock today (flock > sheep > followers > WORDPLAY!): What’s your favourite band you’ve never seen live?

I asked this because, while riding to work today, as DKM and I listened to Pearl Jam, I realized that I’ve never seen them in concert. In the past years, Pearl Jam has progressively become my favourite band, next to Radiohead (cliche, right?). Vedder and the boys are playing in Toronto on August 21 at the Molson Amphitheatre. I should be there. My older brother is going and invited me. Unfortunately, the amphitheatre is a little far away right now. Are any of you going? If yes, please report back here to me on the levels of rock and or roll.
My brother, Benjamin and I went to Eddie Vedder at Massey Hall last year, and while that was the greatest night ever, it’s not the same as a PJ show. Vedder mainly played songs from the Into the Wild album (which is unreal - go listen to No Ceiling) and a few Pearl Jam and Neil Young covers. Massey Hall is the house that Neil Young built – you have to pay homage where it’s due. Anyway, at this concert we were four rows in front of Eddie, and if you’ve been to Massey Hall, you know how special that is. Eddie got loaded drunk and just rocked out. Incredible.

Please excuse the terrible quality, but here’s one of my favourite YouTube clips of all time. Letterman and Vedder have some kind of special relationship and I want in.

But I digress.

My brother Benjamin’s favourite bands also happen to be Radiohead and Pearl Jam. This is no coincidence, seeing as I’ve been copying his musical tastes prettyyy much forever. Benjamin and I have always shared music- it’s one topic we’re both intensely passionate about. We sometimes compete over who likes music more, if you can imagine. Growing up, when Benjamin learned to play the guitar, he told me he liked music more because he understood it on a deeper level. I remain pissed.

I started mimicking Benjamin’s tastes in about grade five, when he discovered the Smashing Pumpkins, and I um, did too. It was that year that I attended a Smashing Pumpkins concert (my first real concert) and named myself ‘Corgan’ during Laserquest games. After that, Benjamin listened to The Tragically Hip and Dave Matthews Band, and so did I. He always discovered the band first, and I would grow obsessed by association. Once I became attached and thoroughly saturated our house with that particular band’s tunes, he would have already moved on to the next act. He’s hard to keep up with.

Even though Benjamin and I have lived in different cities for the past five+ years, I still always know what he’s listening to. When I saw him this summer, however, it was a regression to the classics – late night Rankin Family sing-along with my mother and dogs. A tried and tested family tradition. Family is important. I swear he likes me.
In other geeky music news

The Interweb rumour mill tells me iTunes might take the leap into social media. Apparently users will be able to broadcast what they’re listening to, buying, etc. on social networks. This is fantastic news. If iTunes social media gives me full access to what my friends are listening to (not what they want people to THINK they’re listening to) it will be creep heaven. “Wow, Lindsay sure listens to a lot of Jonas Brothers.” “Um, Danielley- I didn’t know you were so into Christian Metal and pornographic audio books. You’re a complicated soul.”

Ohhh the possibilities.

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  1. I'm giddy with excitement over Pearl Jam's new album.



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