Thursday, August 13, 2009

It’s almost mah Birthday

Do you have a special person in your life? Is this person more insufferable than usual around late July-mid August? Does this person start dropping hints about their birthday and planning lavish parties weeks before? If yes, you’re probably dating/married to/ friends with a LEO. Lucky you. As the “rulers” of the zodiac, Leos are commonly bossy, arrogant, selfish and insanely proud (we’re also sensitive and fiercely loyal, but don’t tell anyone). Leos crave the spotlight and when it’s on them, bask in it.

I’m a Leo too. Roar.

A Leo birthday is the one day a year when we can unleash all of our personal vices and start demanding things. The spotlight is literally handed to us and I, for one, always make the most of it. I think I’m pretty restrained 364 days a year, but when it’s my birthday – I want the world. Charming.

This year will probably be different. I’m in a new country with new friends and I can’t really force them to wear new party dresses and buy me things like I normally would. Instead, I’ve planned a low key birthday dinner. Nothing fancy. I only hope a cake adorned with sparklers will be brought to my table so everyone in the restaurant can sing for me, while I look appropriately shocked and humbled. Nothing fancy at all.

My family and friends back in Canada are really off the hook for my birthday this year, so they should consider themselves lucky. I guess my Dad did throw me a ridiculous pool party with steak and beer and wine and THREE desserts when I was home, so he’s covered. And Benjamin’s invitation to Pearl Jam would have been a present, had I accepted. My mom should be visiting Qatar in December (oh the adventures we’ll have, but that’s another story) so she’s clear too.

The rest of you are not off the hook, unless you can give me a good reason. Be creative. Lindsay, for example, doesn’t necessarily have to get me anything because I drank three bottles of her wine one night and probably made her really uncomfortable. This is perfectly acceptable.

I can’t wait to unleash my inner brat this weekend.

It’s mah birthday la la la. Buy me presents la la la.

Me me me me me!
Also, Madonna Madonna Madonna. We share a birthday.

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  1. Happy B'Day weekend, Leo. Birthdays should always fall on a weekend. Now, I gotta tell you. That lion is picture is nice...BUT it's NOT a happy lion. His mane has been teased. Probably lives in a zoo. San Diego maybe. Lion keeper likes to blow dry his mane. I will send you pix of a REAL lion. A nice fat-bellied one. Just at the end a three day feast. A one tonne Cape get the idea.


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