Sunday, August 23, 2009

Desperate Nuggets

Are you watching Mad Men?

Chances are, if you consider yourself an elitist intellectual and among the top 1% of all people alive, you are down with the Sterling-Cooper gang. Chances also say that you’re an elitist intellectual if you read Hack the Bone. Ergo, Mad Men and Hack the Bone are mutually exclusive. Tell your friends.

The show has penetrated my psyche. I dream about it almost every night. It's so beautiful and captivating and it makes me feel strange in bad ways. God, television is amazing these days. Accidental rhyme. Holla.

So, here’s a Mad Men nugget I panned from Vanity Fair. It’s a brilliant article on the show’s creator, Matthew Weiner and his OCD-like attention to detail. Good reading.

So maybe I’m a gearbox (that’s a bad thing) for posting the online link. You should go out and buy the print edition. Annie Leibovitz shot the photos and I hear she really needs the money. Pay $6.95 for the September issue (MJ and Farrah Fawcett dual memorial covers!) and support the mainstream liberal media machine while you still can. I’d buy it, but the only magazines I get in Doha are Women Today and Hello! Dubai edition. Blahhhhhh. Canadians don’t know how lucky they are. The Walrus. That’s all.


Stressed? Take a minute and visit the San Diego zoo’s Panda Cam. I like to visit this site when I need to leave my brain for a few minutes. The panda Internet stars sleep most of the time, but when they're awake - oh boy! There's nothing more soothing than watching them mow down a piece of bamboo. Enjoy.


I haven’t heard from my brother since the Pearl Jam show, which means he’s probably still recovering from the rocktastrophy. Judging by the setlist and this review, Eddie and the boys didn’t disappoint, as per usual.

Air Supply is coming to Doha in October. Beat that, Toronto.


  1. Umm...

    I could be wrong here, but if Hack the Bone and Mad Men are mutually exclusive, doesn't that mean that they have no overlap in their Venn? And therefore everyone that watches Mad Men would never read HTB? and everyone that reads HTB would never watch Mad Men?

    Again, I could be wrong about this...I went to Dal.

  2. You win.

    Gord, where the hell have you been? You and Meg are lazy bloggers. Tell your girlfriend that four posts does not a blog make.

  3. WINNER!!!!

    I need a job.

    Keep your eyes peeled for a new blog, a much more sophisticated one! Less Poo Stories!



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