Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Walrus and the Bucket bridge the divide

So here’s a cute story. It actually happened to DKM but he’s not ready for his second foray into the world of blogging just yet. I’ll kindly retell on his behalf.

There’s this photo. I’m obsessed with it. DKM is obsessed with it. It has been the background on both our desktops at work (superrr profesh) for a few weeks now. It’s been posted on Hack the Bone before too… I give you:

The Walrus and The Bucket

There’s just something about it. Everytime I look at this photo I could just die laughing. It’s probably the essence of comedy.

Happy walrus is funny.

And devastated walrus is heartbreakingly funny.Legions of people on the Internetz are similarly taken. The Walrus and the Bucket spawned a whack of memes….


Unfortunately, most people at my work don’t share these ideals. The reactions I’ve gotten to the Walrus and the Bucket range from, “um, that’s disgusting,” to “you’re just weird,” and my personal favourite, “you should probably change that.”

Most of DKM’s colleague aren’t impressed either, with one very notable exception.

Yesterday, DKM’s tea boy Arjin took notice of the photo. He asked for his own printout copy. DKM was overjoyed and immediately hooked the guy up. He then e-mailed me to brag that his office workers are more with it than mine…or something.

Later that afternoon, DKM went into the office where Arjin and his buddies hang out. Sitting in the office was a guy he'd never seen before. The man was a stranger but DKM could tell he was awesome. This incredible man was sitting alone with the Walrus and the Bucket in his hands, just staring.

The man spoke little to no English so DKM couldn't ask him what drew him to the photo. In my mind, this non-conversation wasn't necessary. I like to think the Walrus and The Bucket transcends language.

He was probably moved by the sad injustice of it all, and thought- "what horrible man in the overalls is this, to deny the handsome walrus that which he desires most?"

OR he was probably thinking:

  1. “I has a bucket?” My grammar teacher was the worst!
  2. This is hilarious.
  3. This is tragic.
  4. These Western people are feckkkking weird.

I guess we'll never know. Someone call this guy:


  1. you tell it so well...

    i'm as pleased as the walrus is with his bucket

  2. You sir are a genius

    Be not disturbed by the disinterested peasants

    Bucket > Carpenter

  3. It is not your fault your co~workers are lacking the funny gene.

    It is funny and made both my husband and I laugh. Poor walrus.


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