Sunday, June 7, 2009

Toronto Vacationing Part Two

After publishing my Toronto post, I was hit with the nasty feeling that I’d forgotten something. Thankfully, my diligent father quickly reminded me that I’ll be attending a Toronto FC game July 18th.

Yes, my Dad reads my blog, and yes he schooled me in the comment section of that post.

Dear old Dad is a big TFC geek, which is awesome. His season ticket package is one of the greatest things a Torontonian can own, in my humble opinion. It is a very exciting team to follow. When TFC wins a championship (which sadly, will likely be before the Leafs, Jays or Raptors) he can say he was there from the beginning- from the very first game. It’s a cool thing to be a part of.

Plus, if you’ve ever been to a game, you know why this team and arena is so special.

For the iconic view of Toronto..

And for the fans…. Spot the nerd.

Oh and the food is just unreal. Not your typical stadium fare. They serve Scottish Eggs (sorry Dad, but ew) and peameal bacon sandwiches for everyone!! Peameal! Wooo.

Basically, it’s the best ticket in town. And I’m going with my pops.

It sucks I won’t be in Toronto to celebrate Father’s Day this year, but we will have loads of fun July 18th! Thanks Dad.


  1. Obviously, you haven't been to an Argo game yet.

  2. Really!?! Argos games are fun but they're not the same. Here's why:

    The fans are less passionate and friendly.

    Games are held at the Rogers Centre.

    They serve hot dogs and pizza and nachos with cheese as opposed to chicken roti and a peameal bacon sandwich (mentioned above- it is peameal bacon and bread, nothing else, you can't imagine anything more delicious)

    At BMO, fans throw streamers and paper on the field at opposing players.

    The band is a steel drum band instead of a lame marching band.

    The players actually respond to the fans and cheer them on.

    I could go on, but I'm hoping my Dad will comment again and defend me. Ha

  3. Your father is clearly amazing.

  4. haha the Argo game was from me, just too lazy to change the user on our computer.

    Yea TFC games are wicked. The streamers are great, the food is incredible, and if you're in the South End it truly is an experience...

    If you really love football then Argo games are amazing, because all the fans are pretty damn knowledgeable about the sport... otherwise you would be at home watching the Friday night pregame show for the NFL Monday nighter.

    Now, at TFC games the Red Patch Boys and the U-Sector are both really knowledgeable and good fans to be with, but when you're in the middle on either the east or west side you've got lots of people that plague Leafs and Jays games when things are goin good... The Dreaded Bandwagoners.

    "Woooooo! I'm at a 'football match' That's what they call it across the pond! I hear we need a real pitch, that our turf isn't up to snuff!"

    "Agreed, no way we're going to get Kaka without real football pitch grass! I hear that chap Ronaldo had a brace the other day! Good on the fellow"

    That's really my only knock on TFC games, that is has become the 'popular thing to do' but I guess in the end that is good, because a packed house with 7,000 bandwagoners is better than 10,000 empty seats anyday.


    Big events at BMO Field. Lots of hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth - but it’s all good!

    Started awhile back by Wayne De Rosario after a particularly frustrating loss. Dissed the turf and said it sucked. That it’s gotta go - was ruining the game. He’s so right.

    That got the FC blogosphere buzzing. And then it got worse. Soon after, MSL&E announced the Real Madrid friendly at BMO Field against TFC for August 7 – interestingly, that announcement was made about 3 days AFTER the Washington Post broke the news that RM would play in Toronto and Washington…AND, a coupla days after Real Madrid announced it on THEIR site!! But hang on…MSL&E also announced they would spend one quarter of a million to put down a temporary…yes, temporary - grass surface at BMO Field just to get Real Madrid to play here! And pay a reported $1million appearance fee! Now here comes good ‘ole De Ro again and he’s pissed once more. Declaring - what does that say about how MSL&E feels about the FC players who have to play and practice on this plastic crap every day and ruin their legs and shorten their careers Good on him. See, that’s what I love about soccer players…not afraid to speak out. So you’d think that was pretty much the bad news from MSL&E! No way! They really know how to endear themselves to FC Season Seat Holders (I guess it’s the finely tuned experience of screwing Leaf fans) by saying this friendly was not the one included in our SSH package - that it would be an added game with premium tickets prices.
    Compare that to the first year Seattle Sounders (part owner Drew Carey's team)who have Chelsea FC and FC Barcelona in town this summer and thsoe games are included in their season ticket package.

    Bend over TFC SSH’ers.

    So now it’s getting nasty...spotted at the last game against the Landycake Donovan-less LA Galaxy…a huge black banner held up in U-Sector…

    something something million dollars

    4 teams

    0 titles

    …sort of like the MasterCard priceless ads.

    The next bit of nastiness then came from the North End Elite. They stayed for the national anthems before walking out en masse waving their big ole NEE flags. Way-To-Go I say.

    Yes, there are a few at BMO Field who cop some FC tickets cause it’s “the popular thing to do”, but Gord…don’t diss the vast majority of us who love and know the game as well as the fabulous fans in the supporter groups – and who’ve been loving the game decades longer than most of them - but choose to sit in great seats where we can see both ends of the field equally well.

    Hack the Bone. You’re right about BMO Field. It’s a great place.


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