Wednesday, June 3, 2009

She's coming for me

She's climbing a fence in a short ass dress. What a fool! I totally own that dress. And I love it. Stupid jerk.

Every woman’s (should-be) worst enemy Paris Hilton is taking her reality show, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF to Dubai next month. Her high quality entertainment sloo fest will take less than a month to film, and it’s presumed she’ll take her bacon-faced boyfriend Doug from The Hills with her.
*I don’t know what a bacon-face is, but I haven’t had pork in four months. The forbidden meat is on my mind.

Apparently it'll be her first trip to the Middle East. In other words, she's run out of people to terrorize in Europe and North America. Look out Africa, you're next.

Half of the women cast are from the Middle East, while the other half are ex-pats living in UAE. There will no alcohol consumed during filming, sexually suggestive conversation will be edited and revealing outfits are discouraged.

Yeah, okay.

You know how I feel about Paris, but I’ll be watching this show. Definitely definitely tuning in-- if only to watch Paris Hilton try and tone down her skank in a Muslim country. Good luck with that. HA!

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