Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Perez Hilton makes me want to vomit

His completely existence is a hypocrisy. This Will.I.Am / Perez story is already played out but I still want to chime in. It's my duty as a person who periodically updates their free online blog.

On the night of the attack (four a.m. in Toronto and like 10 in Doha.), I was at my desk, with a little TweetDeck action up on the screen when Perez tweeted that he was in need of help, and that someone should *please* call the cops.

Once the noble Toronto police came (like 45 minutes later, they allegedly told him they had real emergencies to deal with HA) and the situation was sorted, Perez tweeted, “I will not speak publically on this matter further.” And that was that.

Just kidding! He then recorded a TWELVE-MINUTE VIDEO to speak about the incident.

I hate him I hate him I hate him.

You know he called Will.I.Am a f****t, right? I hope you know that.

How is there no remix video of his blubbering cringe-worthy video!? Someone make that please. Nevermind, it already exists.

Violence is NEVER the answer, says Perez. But you know, that miniscule bruise on his face will heal. It probably already has. Fergie will always be fucked up because he called her fugly.

Just...disappear already. Blah.


  1. Why didn't he call the cops himself? That's just lazy.

    And how is it possible that he called someone else a f****t? That can't be allowed to happen.

  2. Mere,

    How in the hell can you enjoy twitter?


  3. Exactly, eyebleaf. He's the worst kind of person.

    Meg, I'm a geek.
    Once you figure twitter out, you realize it's the best kind of communication tool- search engine, and news site, trendspotter all in one. Loves it.

  4. You had me at your post title....ditto.


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