Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In the future, everybody will be world-famous for fifteen minutes

Word to that.

Andy Warhol’s famous and often misquoted words never rang so true as they do now, in the 21st century. As a stupid girl who follows gossip blogs, I can tell you from great and varied experience, that there are a hellofa lot of worthless famous people out there.
For instance...

There are people who are famous for literally fifteen minutes, like the fans at the Jays game who stood behind A-Rod with photos of Madonna. Everyone laughed, the photos made headlines and the guys were never heard from again. Excepting the one who’s on my Facebook, but that’s a different story. THEN there are the people whose fifteen minutes are stretched out a little longer. I’m talking about rejected contestants on Flavour of Love or the Bachelor who land in US Weekly once and can live on that for the rest of their lives.

But I have a general question to throw to the crowd…..

In your opinion- how long exactly is 15 minutes? And is it possible to enjoy two separate 15 minutes of fame. A half hour?

I ask because I’m afraid I enjoyed my fifteen minutes before I could speak.

Brace yourselves…..

When I was nine months old, I made a one episode guest appearance on a long-running CBC drama called Street Legal. I played a baby.
What do you mean you’ve never heard of it?

Here’s the episode synopsis from Even Lawyers Sing the Blues, from imdb:

Leon runs into an old flame from his days as a radical student, and is surprised to learn who the father of her daughter is.

Hey everyone! Guess who the daughter is. It’s me y’all.

Here’s another synopsis I found:

Leon's old flame embroils him in her domestic affairs; Carrie negotiates a divorce with ex-husband and -law partner Ted.

Hey everyone! Guess who the ‘domestic affair’ is. That’s me too.

Oh don’t look so surprised. I only unveiled my star power because I thought you could handle it. Things between us don't have to change.

So it’s not that I’m striving for fame or notoriety, but like most arrogant leos, I feel I’m deserving of a REAL 15 minutes. Even if those 15 minutes are spent making a hilarious face in the back of a Brangelina paparazzi shot, or gyrating on stage with Rod Stewart, I will take them.

No one wants to peak at nine months.


  1. Meredith, I would be remiss if I did not tell you that I look forward to your quirky(?) posts. You crack me up. Somehow, somewhere, I think you will get yourself another 15 minutes. No doubt, boo.

  2. If there is not a photo of your 15 minutes of fame on the intraweb then I think you are still due for your 15 minutes.

  3. Thank you Sybil! You are a true desert rose. Shine on...

    And thank YOU anonymous commenter. I remember now that things didn't really happen if they aren't documented on the Internet. That adorable, intelligent baby could have been anyone.

  4. I was on the cover of The Guardian. It is the biggest newspaper in an entire province!!! I won their provincials in Tennis as a highly illegal ringer from Ontario that happened to have a cottage there.

    However, I do remember Street Legal, and no one knows the Guardian, so you´re up one. But you have the concept of fifteen minutes wrong. You cant double it up to thirty, you can just not have used your 15 up yet. Lets call the cover of the guardian 30 seconds and an illegitimate child on CBC 1 minute and 6 seconds. We´ve got a lonnnnggggggg way before our fifteen is up.


  5. Ok, I must confess. I, too have been graced in a major publication...The Qatar Tribune.

  6. Gord, I really like your concept of slowly chipping away at your fifteen minutes. Not sure Warhol would approve, but we'll go with it.

    And Sybil, that photo is hilarious. I always scan the papers to look for my face in the back of a photo. All in good time.

  7. Much like you, those guys with the Madonna pics at the ball park did good.

  8. I just shit my pants and puked all over myself

  9. Exactly Doug. That's one way to get famous.


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