Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. I don’t like you anymore.

Actually, I've just been a huge work nerd. The project that's been my whole life for the past two months launched today (yay). It was weeks and week of hard work culminating in a 22 hour work day/all nighter yesterday, mostly spent writing and watching ten dudes brand a billion dollar project. Can't talk much about it on here but holy shit I can't believe we pulled that off.

There’s actually time to write now, because it's 11 p.m. and I just woke up from what was supposed to be last night's slumber. What is the proper way to recover from an all nighter? I probably should have gone to bed right when I got home from work today at 1 p.m., but instead drank two beers, got shitfaced from exhaustion and watched three episodes of Mad Men through bleary eyes. THEN I slept. My body clock is confused and angry.

People who talk about their sleep patterns are the worst. Sorry. This post's real intent was to remove the photo of Perez Hilton from my landing page - nothing remains to offer. Hopefully the adorable aminal photos strategically placed throughout will distract you from this crap. The good news is, things will probably get back to normal around here until I leave for Canada in three weeks.

So what’s new in that glorious country of mine? Keep it warm for me friends. How are the Jays doing? Not as smelly as Toronto in the middle of a garbage strike I imagine.

Remember the last garbage strike? Hoo wee was that ugly. Toronto is having some shit right now, eh? A garbage strike combined with a looming LCBO strike!? Two early signs of the apocalypse. The people of Toronto are doomed. Get thee to the hills.

Mayor Miller, please have this mess cleaned up for my arrival in a few weeks. Thanks.

So here’s something hilarious and work related (but not so work related that it could get me in trouble) – I have an intern! He’s 17 and still in high school and just happens to have the coolest boss ever. This whole situation is bizarre to me, as I was i his shoes, interning at CTV less than a year ago.

I’ve got no clue what to do with him. Apparently it's unethical to ask him to bring me lunch, but he can photocopy and bind proposals and complete all tasks I have no time for, being a super important corporate cog and all.

If you were 17 and had to spend your summer in an office, what would you want to do? And don't say play online poker (he is really going to have to stop that). At 17, I was a camp counsellor. My summers of fun and whimsy have left me unable to relate to this teen, looking to me for counsel and guidance. And so I turn to you. Please advise.

Link Happy

Please enjoy some Internet nuggets I panned from a river. Internet gold!

Got twenty minutes? What do you mean no?! You should still watch Karl Pilkington talk about things. Fascinating and hilarious stuff.

The world needs comedy. Here’s Brian Regan on sucking at Little League and Eddie Izzard’s Death Star Canteen. Enjoy.


  1. Research, Give him a crapload of research to do that might help you down the road, examples of campaigns, what went right, what failed, case studies etc. Then again, 17 is pretty young, your final product will mostly be wikipedia pages.

    Public Relations is defined as...

  2. On his first day I made him fill out a basic "get to know you" survey to determine whether I could give him real work to do or not.

    The questions were: best subjects in school, favourite websites, and interests.

    So, he likes wikipedia and is interested in Politics. To this I said, "awesome. Politics, that's crucial. We're going to need you to keep abreast of general topics - the Iran election, for example."

    To which he replied, "Za?"

    Photocopies. Lots of photocopies.


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