Saturday, May 9, 2009


Oh hello. Remember me? Yes, I'm still around.

Apologies for not posting this week. I had better things to do. Sixty or so hours of work and absolutely no time to post menial doo dah on the Interwebz. To butter you up, here's a site called Awkward Family Photos. Not enough time wasteage for you? Then please, enter the Hall of Douchebags for hilariously terrible band photos. Someone posted this on facebook ages ago and it still haunts my memory.

And because I know you love them, here's another hilarious cat video.

Weekend Highlights
Thursday evening, all I wanted to do was drink and sleep. SO I got drunk by myself and watched the Laws of Attraction with Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore while DKM watched the Jays game. I actually picked a romantic comedy made for old people over a night with Roy Halladay. I was truly gone. Laws of Attraction was absolutely perfect for my non-functioning brain.

SIDENOTE! Speaking of Roy Halladay and the BJs, I would like to officially announce my change of allegiance in Blue Jays blogging. I've been reading the Tao of Steib for ages, but never gave it as much credit as Drunk Jays Fans. But since the DJF guys became uberpopular, the quality of their original site has gone to shit. Success is a wicked drug, my friends, may you never wish it upon anyone. So yea, read Tao of Steib and Sports and the City (for someone who earnestly likes Toronto teams...I didn't think people like this existed anymore). You'll be happy you did.

Highlight -- I might have seen Rihanna naked. Google that. If the photos are real, she's probably dying of embarrassment today for being so careless as to take nudie shots with a cell phone camera. On the other hand, she probably doesn't care because she's Rihanna and she's 20 and she's hot as balls.

Moving on.

Highlight -- I finally concinved DKM to watch Friday Night Lights with me. I found season one and he let me buy it, providing I also buy him some documentary on Tupac
and Death Row Records. I said I'd watch it with him, but that was a lie.

Highlight -- Listening to Nature Boy by Nat King Cole far too many times. Watch and listen. Feel love.

I could go on but I've been beckoned to join my mates at the pool. Being an Internet geek or swimming and sunning? Tough choice. KBAI....

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  1. Kind words; thank you. I'm glad rampant homerism can still be appreciated.

    The Tao of Stieb is the gold standard.

    And that Awkward Family Photos site is kind of unreal.


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