Saturday, May 23, 2009

DKM on....

The Boston Red Sox:

goddamn bean eating jowl-fuck-faced Ted Kennedy ambervision sunglass-wearing white-haired frat piece of shit bandwagon-jumping second place park-inflated statistic Masshole fucks

HAHAHAH. My boy's a nerd. I had to violate his privacy and share this. I knew he felt strongly about the Red Sox but this is....beyond. Dane Cook is a Red Sox fan. Another reason to hate them.

To DKM: Don't despair! I hate to see you blue. Jays will win next time. Millar must be vindicated!

It turs out DKM didn't write that super angry and hysterical post. He read it on Drunk Jays Fans and liked it so much he saved it to a Word document so he could re-visit it whenever he wanted. Must give credit where it's due.
The best part of this story is, he's an even bigger nerd than I previously thought.

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