Saturday, May 23, 2009

Best Day Ever: Doha Styles

As far as normal, average days go, yesterday was probably the best of my life. There were no life changing moments, no dance offs, baseball watching or trivia (activities included in the best day ever in my head) but it was definitely awesome.

Synopsis of the Best Day Ever

Wake up at 10 a.m., slightly hungover.

Drag my ass out of bed long enough to get to the Ritz Carlton spa. Promptly lay down again for a 90-minute massage and facial. My masseuse says I have finesse and gives me an extra treatment. I die inside. Enter steam room. Sweat out hangover. Enter Sauna; sit there wondering why I don’t come here every weekend. Remember how much it costs. Decide it is worth it. Arrange booking for next visit.
Return home at 1:30. Exhausted from the massage, take a two hour nap while DKM happily watches documentary on Death Row Records. I feign no interest in watching and he doesn’t mind. Sleep like a baby.

Wake up from nap. Go to the gym. Use all of the machines I want because it’s the weekend and no one is around. Watch episode of Style her Famous on wall TVs. Laugh at lady firefighter who just wants to look like a girl. Jay Manuel styles her like Jessica Simpson. Lady firefighter looks like a tranny. Enter steam room, again. Practically fall asleep listening to two Philipino ladies speaking in tongues.

The gym is in a mall. On my way out, go shopping. Feel lucky and buy clothes without trying them on.

Return home. Try on clothes. Fit perfectly. Look hot.

Eat a gourmet meal with delicious fixings that I did not have to prepare. Drink a glass of red wine.

Finish off the night by watching 12 Monkeys with Brad Pitt (pre-Aniston and pre-Jolie. Gwyneth era? Remember when they had matching haircuts? Hilarious). Normally I can’t sit through a two-hour movie. Make it through this one and only complain, like, four times that it was boring.

Get into bed at midnight. End of best day ever.

My apologies for that menial, ass crappy post. I just wanted to write this down so I always remember it.

Oh, also watched this cat video at one point. Look at that fluffy thing. Is it even real? I’m convinced the one on the left is a really high-end stuffed animal.
You know, I don’t even like cats in real life but I could watch them all day on YouTube. My mother owns a cat but we don’t get along. It rejected me long ago, and I can’t handle rejection so I ignore it.

Maybe if my mom’s cat were something like that white one, we might get along. Until then, I will remain friends with Internet kittehs only.

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