Friday, May 1, 2009

And now for something completely different

This photo is already present on Facebook and Twitter (don't call me a nerd, I'm the future), but I will post again here because it is awesome and I dreamt about it last night.

My experience with the documentation of this very photo went a little something like this:

Oh hey, look at that....a cute dog sticking its head out the window! We never see dogs in Doha. Let's catch up and wave...oh's a FUCKING CHEETAH!! I am going to social media the shit out of this....snap snap snap

The possibility exists that this may be a leopard. However, I shouted CHEETAH CHEETAH so many times yesterday, that the mystery cat will forever be a cheetah to me. Oh, and if you're wondering, which I know you are, it was having a good time in the car. Bad ass, wind in my hair type fun.

In Doha, cheetahs are prized pets, but not as valued as a mothaeffin falcon. They are really expensive and deadly. I held one once. Lookie here. It probably wanted to eat my heart, but rigorous training prevented that.

So I'm off to the Ritz-Carlton this morning to partake in a favourite spoiled ex-pat tradition in Doha - the champagne brunch. It is the greatest exercise in gluttony ever. If any one comes to visit me (no one is visiting, I hate you mom will come, I don't need you) I will take them to the brunch. Even if my guest isn't thrilled with Doha, they will promptly forget any sour sentiment on ingestion of bubbly and tiny tarts.

But seriously, all you can eat and drink buffet in one of the nicest hotels in town? Civilized day drinking!? Lobster tail and chocolate fountains (not together)!?!? What else haven't you told me Doha???

So that'll be Friday. Perhaps I will try my hand at drunk blogging later. Then again, I may prefer to roll around on the floor all afternoon. Only truth and time will tell. kthxbai.

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  1. i will happily roll around like a walrus with you after brunch


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