Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Three Months in Doha

Big News of the Day

Tomorrow marks my three month anniversary with Qatar. It’s getting serious. Today, my visa came through so I’m now an official resident. My passport has a page with my work visa and I have a Qatari ID. I’m here to stay. AHHHHHHH.

Unsightly Quirk of the Day

I have a pair of really sharp scissors on my desk. Sometimes, when I’m struggling with a turn of phrase or a particularly frustrating release, I start cutting my hair. I take the ends in my hand and just snip here and there. It’s stupid. Someone needs to take these scissors away. I wonder if our tea girl has noticed the scattered blonde hairs at the foot of my desk. She must think I’m balding. That's gross.

Weird Sign of Homesickness of the Day

Last night, DKM and I were sitting around all domestic like, when I turned to him and said, “you know, I haven’t so much as pet a dog in three months?” He was all, “aww sure you have.” But I haven’t!! Definitely have not even pet or cuddled or played with one single dog. That's not right. The next thing I knew, big, uninvited tears streamed down my face. I was in a fine mood, my eyes were just being crazy.

To distract myself, I went to YouTube, did a search for “cute puppies” and spent half an hour watching videos. I wanted to stop, but it was sooo hard. One cute puppy video leads you to another…and another, anddd another.

I stopped watching after this video. We didn't want things getting too out of control. Crazy puppy party! WooooOooOoot. This heartwarming minute and a half of awesomeness features a border collie puppy, too afraid to go down the stairs, so this older dog helps him out. Behold.

Not enough animal hilarity for you? There’s always time for BOX CAT!


  1. Hi Meredith, I just came acrossed your blog. I am from Woodstock, ON and visited Doha for 6 wks in Jan and Feb. I was there when they had the 2 day sand/dust storm.UGGHHH ! was nasty! My daughter teaches english at a private grade school and her husband teaches at the Nfld school in Doha. While I really enjoyed my visit there, it was nice to get back to Canada. What I saw on how the Qataries treat cats and dogs was very sad and cruel. My daughter who loves animals has found homes for a lot of the cats/kittens and has used her own money to have them fixed. Catching the dogs has proved to be harder but she has a number that she calls who will come and get the dogs. These people will try to get them back to good health then place them with people who want the dogs. I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to reading more.

  2. awwwwwwww corgi!
    i heart that video. i also heart that you like to watch the same mindlessness on youtube that i do.



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