Thursday, April 2, 2009


It’s 45 minutes until the weekend starts and all of my work is finished. This is my attempt to throw a weak ass post together before I drink myself into oblivion.
What in the bloody hell…. I saw this yesterday on NYMag. Yep, Still funny today. Try not laughing, I dare you.

Don't be fooled by that baby's smile. He is NOT having a good time. Photoshop can work wonders. You know he's pissed his mother would publicly shame him like that.

Nuggets from the G20 Summit.

What’s better?
Harper missing the family photo because he was allegedly in the bathroom? Dumbass.

Or the eight second embrace between Michelle Obama and the Queen that left the world mesmerized? Protocol and curtsies be damned!

Both are pretty good.

Jamie Oliver aka British Dreamboat the First is cooking a grand meal for the world leaders. Wonder if he’ll use this as a platform to get kids to stop BEING SO FAT. If so, good on him.

You know you love the fat babies

What else? OH! I think I got my first hate comment on Hack the Bone. I was waiting for this day. It’s on the Lil Wayne in Doha post and someone called me gay. Actually they might have called the other commenter gay. It’s cloudy. No official celebrations will be held until a definite hate comment is left, but we’re close. I can taste it.

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  1. i think the hate comment was directed to the person that posted the 1st i don't think the person was calling u gay, it was calling the 1st comment poster gay... :)


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