Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An example of really good PR

I wanted to share this with you. It’s an article I copy and pasted from the weekend edition of the newspaper – a press release from Burger King introducing its latest hamburger product. If you’re a burger superfan (one word), read on.

Burger King rolls out premium-quality Steakhouse Burger Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Doha: Burger King has rolled out its new range of lip-smacking burgers - the premium-quality Steakhouse Burger. A big-sized, flame-grilled burger, Steakhouse Burger is designed to appeal to the tastes of burger fans by offering within a sandwich the indulgence of an entire premium dinner.

The burger comprises of a juicy, flame-grilled one-hundred percent halal, beef patty, topped with American cheese, veal bacon, crispy onions and fresh lettuce and tomatoes — all smothered in BBQ sauce — on a corn dusted bun. All the ingredients of the Steakhouse Burger are designed to complement the unique flavour of the meat.

“With the launch of Steakhouse Burger, we once again underscore our superior positioning - that when it comes to burgers, there simply is no better place than Burger King,” said Pierre Mekary, Marketing Coordinator for Premier Food Services, the Burger King franchisee in Qatar. “Our basic objective here is to drive a new group of burger superfans and regular customers to our restaurants and thus reinforce Burger King’s product superiority and market leadership.”

I almost threw up because the release reads like it was written by a cow, but DKM latched on to the burger superfans part (because they wrote the release directly! to! him!) and was truly impressed. It took him all of 15 minutes to get off the couch and speed over to BK. He has since eaten the steakhouse burger three times.

Burger King’s objective? Met. Score one for the whopper makers and burger superfans everywhere.


  1. Your delicate use of differing font sizes is delightful.

    How have you been, Meredith? It's a while since last we spoke.

  2. Nick! Hello. You’ve already been mentioned once on my site, so it is lovely to find you in the comments section. See here http://hackthebone.blogspot.com/2009/02/golden-nuggets-from-facebook.html.

    I know it’s been ages since we spoke, but I read the Daily Kraken…daily, so I’m immersed in all things Nick Milne. Sorry for being a creep.

    Life is swell in Doha – all the sun and dust one could hope for.


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