Thursday, April 23, 2009

Commentary on commentary

Sustaining long-distance relationships with my girlfriends is tricky, but rewarding. The Interwebs help us stay in touch plenty.

Most of my friends send updates via Facebook. They *usually* write mini essays on their life, send me hilarious drunken gossip (thank you for keeping me updated on who makes out with who at keggers, and telling me which Facebook profile picture has a new and embarrassing couple on it, because sometimes I miss these things) and most end their notes with short commentary on some random popular culture bullshit. They know I appreciate this stuff.

Personal life updates, gossip, and pop culture—the trifecta of successful communication.

Most reading this blog don’t care which of my friends got so drunk they got a ride home in a cop car last month, or who is in need of an intervention BUT will be interested in their opinions on all things vacuous. After scanning old wall posts and inbox messages, I think I’ve got a nice array of pop culture commentary from my friends. And I'm going to tell you what I think about said commentary. Without further ado, here’s the first edition of…..

Meredith comments on what people think about stuff

Needs a catchier title.

Up first, my friend Danielle from Toronto.

Danielley comments on the Hills...
On a completely separate note, I started watching season 1 of the Hills on rogers on demand, and I have completely forgotten what old Heidi was like. She is the same as Spencer! Completely inconsiderate to others' feelings, does whatever she wants. Its kind of funny how she's completely different with Spencer. She was a wild party girl, always flirty and no work ethic. Anyways, not really important but I feel that you could enjoy that random observation.

Meredith comments on Danielley’s comments...
I hear you Danielley. So glad you sent me your thoughts on this very serious subject. Allow me to opine. Last year, to properly determine whether I was on team Heidi or team Lauren, I watched all of Laguna Beach AND season one + two of the Hills. My verdict? They are both goons, but I kind of love Heidi and Spencer's staged paparazzi photo shoots.Brilliant.

Lauren Conrad is the least likable person on television. Her mustache has more personality. It is decided that I am neither on team Heidi nor Team Lauren, but firmly on team Justin Bobby and shall remain there until the end of time.

truth and time tells all

Pat comments on a Leafs game…
So I went to the game last night vs. the Caps! Ovechkin scored in regualtion, the caps tied it up with a minute left to force Ot, Gerber got tossed so theyy brought in Cujo, then game went to shootout and Cujo stopped Ovechkin for the win!!!They building waws going nuts chanting Cujo! Cujo!It was like our stanley cup game of the year!

Meredith comments on Pat’s comments...
Stop trying to make me jelly. Ovechkin is a sexy beast and if he takes down Sidney Crosby in the playoffs I can die a happy woman. Cujo is a sweetheart. I want to be his personal eyebrow groomer. Also, thank you Pat, for giving me an opportunity to post this photo of Ovechkin in a topical, non-creepy way.

YUM. Oh shoot. I made it creepy.

DKM comments on…
Gossip girl – their unrealistic standard of living and wealth surpasses even the OC’s unrealisticness

The Hills – the ONLY way that show could be any worse is if all of them were butt-fuck ugly.

Drunk jays fans – quality entertainment. Fulfills recommended daily intake levels of vulgarity, sports commentary and literature

The Simpsons – the best cartoon ever made

Meredith comments on DKM’s comments...
Gossip Girl
– You’ve never even watched Gossip Girl! I know this because I have asked you to watch with me many times and you always say no. Just like when you say no when I ask if I can curl your eyelashes. They are so long and beautiful, I just want to see what you would look like with mascara! Is that so wrong?
Anyway, Gossip Girl is awesome and I will make you take back what you said…later. Plus, I don’t even think unrealisticness is a word. Invenitoried words aren’t useamable on Hack the Bone.

The Hills – I thought they were all butt-fuck ugly. Which one do you think is hot…exactly? Ceiling eyes or mustache face? Confused (disregard my cattiness and obvious jealousy).

DJF – I bet those guys make a mean sandwich

The Simpsons – I love you

Well, that's it for the first installment. If you’d like to be included in the next edition of this new blog feature, send me your thoughts on the most inane topics possible. The dimmer the better. I’m not much for thinking these days.

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