Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Visitor's Guide to Doha

Anny arrives this Thursday. In the spirit of a friend coming for a visit, I've compiled this very rough visitor's guide. Enjoy.

1) When leaving the airport, do not be alarmed at the 300 people watching your every move. While you may feel like they are there to admire your Western beauty, they are not. They have better things to worry about. Seeing their family for the first time in three years, et al. Smile and carry on your way.

2) Do not be frightened at the driving habits of the locals.

3) Within the first millisecond of a stoplight turning green, the car behind you will honk. Do not take this personally. No matter how fast you take off after a green light, someone will still honk at you. Again, do not let this affect your self-worth.

4) If you want Coke or Pepsi, you can say Bebsi and will be understood.

5) Doha cats are like Canadian raccoons. Super cute but aggressive. Do not let them in your house.

6) If you want to go out drinking, be prepared to spend 20$ on a single beer. This is perfectly normal and the prices are even throughout Doha. Despite these ridiculous prices, no one is trying to swindle you.

7) Don't take photos of Doha Nationals. While we're on the subject, it's rude to show Nationals the bottoms of your feet. Try to avoid this, if possible.

8) Doha hosted the Asian Games in 2006. Though the event was three years ago, the games' mascot Ollie, is still featured prominently around the city.

9) For every nine men in Doha, there is one woman.

10) Sheesha is delicious. Do not try and dispute this.

11) Don't visit the Doha zoo.

12) If you don't like hummus, please rethink your visit.

13) Ignore editing, spelling and grammatical errors in the English newspaper. If you spend too much time nitpicking Doha publiciations, your head may explode.

14) Those who love camels, really, really love them. Do not be alarmed to see a man openly caressing and kissing his pet camel. Know that it probably cost more than your house.

15) Anyone with a license plate under four characters is either a huge VIP, or has spent an obscene amount of money to look like a VIP. Take extreme caution and do not hit these cars.

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