Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thoughts from the queue

Picture unrelated to post. Doesn't matter because it is AWESOME.
Here, have another.

I'm a little shaky today. My cab driver this morning was a total lunatic. Yelling at other drivers and laying on the horn every 100 ft. I miss crazy ears already.

Another terrible cab ride survived, I spent a ridiculous morning at the Ministry of Health.

Congratulations to me -- I'm one step closer to becoming a permanent resident of Qatar. It barely cost me anything...only 100 riyals and my fucking decency. The Ministry of Health is where pending residents go to complete a mandatory health check. They check your blood, and take a chest x-ray. No people with AIDS or TB allowed! So yea, I completed the process, with the other several hundred cattle disguised as women.

Every month there are more and more people entering Qatar. Last month, the population grew by 5%. Insane. And each day, they must process over 1000 female medical checks. You are prodded along by exceptionally large women, have blood drawn, take an x-ray and get the fuck out of there. It’s a dirty, unpleasant experience that leaves you hating everyone and everything about the country. Its funny how my lowest moment in Doha came just as I applied to stay here for a couple of years.

Oh well.
To my Canadian friends…how was your St. Patrick’s Day? Mine was lame sauce. Gone are the days when I would wake up at 9 a.m. to get shitfaced. At 9 a.m. yesterday, I was in the first hour of a four hour meeting with one of the Universities. When we broke for lunch, nobody offered me green beer. Selfsih.

I used to get really into st. Patty’s. My roommates were a festive bunch. This is what we wore in our last year at UWO.
Hey, nice bowtie. Morons.

Please notice my friend Cath’s epic bruise (third from left). The girl is a peach. I don’t think one week went by in University that Cath WASN’T sporting a giant welt on her leg or arm or somewhere unseen. I used to punch her and watch the mark instantly appear. I’d punch her and then I’d laugh…and laugh.

It was Cath’s birthday the other day. Happy birthday Cathy.

You are evil Homer.


  1. Between August 2007 and April 2008, Councillor Adam Giambrone spent nearly $4,000 for private French lessons from the Alliance Francaise of Toronto.

    Giambrone -- who spent the most of any councillor at $52,750.95 -- couldn't be reached for comment yesterday.

  2. Hahahaha I love the dumb, pretty ones.

    He is a professional communicator, writes for Blogto and is a constant presence on twitter, yet no one could find him.

    Couldn't be reached for comment my aunt fanny.

    PS You win. You always do.

  3. excellent blog!
    ive been in doha 3 long years now.
    i must say that its only gotten better for me.
    at first it was sad and depressing.
    as i met cooler and cooler people and made friends, things got good.
    now, its excellent and im lovin life here.
    hope you enjoy your stay!


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