Monday, March 30, 2009

This is how I judge you.

People fascinate me. Sure, there's an absurd amount of animal photos on this site, but really, people are where it’s at. I could people watch for hours. You know you do it too. People are weird! And amazing! Of course you're going to watch them.

Toronto is the best place for creeping on strangers. There’s one particularly juicy bench in Yorkville, that's ideal for watching the expensive looking ladies of Toronto walk their tiny dogs.
After my stint in Yorkville, I lived in the decidedly seedier neighbourhood West Queen West and people watched from Starbucks at Queen and Dovercourt. I would stare at the hung-over hipsters, smoking and walking their slightly larger dogs. This is not a stereotype, this is what they do.
Speaking of stereotyping, if you haven’t seen the Hipster Olympics, please watch. It will be of great enjoyment to Torontonians. Gord told me to watch it last year, when I lived in the throws of Queen West, and was continuously getting snubbed at the Beaconsfield for not being dirty or indie enough. Hipster Olympics is my revenge. I’ve watched it about seven times.
I say we all embrace our judging as a positive thing. Humans, we're a curious bunch. It is natural to be interested in what the other weird, creative, or good looking people around you are doing.

Is that a stretch?
No. We've established judging people is fun and a really good thing despite everything else you've ever heard. Now it's time to talk about the best way to judge people without them ever knowing.

Judge people through iTunes.
Profound, right? Pfffft.

Everyone I know has an iTunes collection. Music is seriously personal. And the songs we listen to when we’re alone reveal a lot.

Any Tom Dick or Harry can scan through a friend’s library, see a mish mash of hip hop and folk, a little pop, maybe some classical (to look smart) and decide this person has a well-rounded and impressive taste in music. What I immediately skip to is the 25 Most Played Playlist. This playlist does not lie. DKM argues that his 25 most played isn’t accurate because the shuffle button skews his tastes. For someone like me, who plays my iTunes constantly, my 25 most played list is telling.

For the sake of argument, we'll say this playlist thing only works if the songs have been played 50 times or more.

I’m always excited to creep the 25 Most Played List. Most of the time, the person will surprise you. Take my friend Elisha. She is one of the nine followers on this blog. You can see her picture over there. Right…over….there. No! Scroll up, stupid! When I looked at Elisha'slist, her number one song was by Miley Cyrus. Hahahah. I can’t remember the name of the song because I am not 14, but she had played it over 100 times. I never made fun of her for it….until now. Did I mention her photo is right next to this article?
Elisha + Hannah Montana. Still funny, one year later.

So yea, if you’ve find yourself with access to someone’s iTunes, check their 25 most played. This will work fantastically on a date. If your potential love partner's number 1 song is Ice, Ice, Baby, followed by Michael Buble and something from the Gilmore Girls soundtrack, well you’ve got time to get the hell out of there. You can thank me later.

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