Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On Being Adult

Everyone has to grow up sometime. Be thankful I didn't include a before and after of Jonathan Lipnicki. Nature has not been kind to the Jerry Maguire rabbits kid.

My third day on the job is winding down and I've already got business cards!! Insert business card song and dance here. The novelty of handing out cards is not going to go away any time soon. Get used to it. Next time I see you, you will receive a card. Do not refuse it. I've got like 5,000 in my possession and have about seven professional contacts. I don't care if you use them for filter paper or sinister dealings or a trash ball, just smile and take my card. kthanksbai.

This is a big day for me. I feel like a real, honest to goodness grownup. I mean, look at me! I have business cards. I am co-hosting a dinner party on Friday. I wear high heels and business professional clothes in the office. I am engagggged. I live in Doha. We don't go to parties, we go to galas.
Definitely grown up.

Then I start thinking about how I've got a long way to go.

I'm 23. I drink a lot (not necessarily an age thing). I swear like a sailor (You want a specific sailor, ahole? Fuck, it's probably Popeye). I'm engaged, but at the rate we're going, will probably be married when I'm thirty. I love Degrassi: the Next Generation. If I see the Littlest Hobo on television, there is no way I can do anything else during that half hour. My dinner party is an excuse to get really drunk at home. I write a fucking lame blog.

Definitely sounds like a young idiot. Plus, the whole public introspection thing, trying to define my adulthood or lack thereof? That's only something a young folk wouldn't be too embarrassed to do.


Just discovered blip.fm. I love it. I'm too tired to explain, please check the link for my profile. It's basically a bunch of strangers telling you what tunes to listen to. I'm all over it. I have "bleeped" a total of three songs, two of which have already been mentioned on my blog. I'm not very good at bleeping yet.

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