Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nuggets from Bahrain

As expected, I went and disappeared for a few days. The weekend was spent in a caesar-induced coma. Upon finding Clamato on Thursday, I drank all afternoon, fell asleep at 6 p.m. and woke up five hours later -- ruining any chance of going out and doing the things normal people do on weekends. Who's a waste of space?? This girl.

I apologize to the unfortunate few who watched my Caesar 101 video before I tore that shit from the Interwebs. No one should be subjected to that mess.
Back to business as usual.

I'm in Bahrain for the day. My visa was about to expire, so I'm on a visa run, which lets me stay in Doha for another 30 days. I hope that by this time next month I'll have a work sponsorship. That way, I won't waste money and time flying somewhere for a few hours.
I've got five hours before my next flight, so I plan to pump out a few blog posts, making up for my truancy of late.

I'm content, because though trapped in an airport, there's a Chili's and a wifi connection. I'm good to sit here all day. This is my first visit to a Chili's, but it's good to know that greasy, overpriced food is universal.

Moving on.

You know what fucks me up? Those Teletubby goons. Can anyone relate to this? Every time those happy, colourful fucks appear on my screen, I drop everything and stare at them for at least three minutes. They've got an unsettling control over me. The show, with its bright colours, furry animals and midgets in suits is totally hypnotizing. Teletubbies make me stupid, like a slack jawed three year-old.
This moring, I was rushing around getting my shit in order before my flight, when I flipped on the television to see the important international news headlines (or sports, whatever). On my way to BBC, my asshole remote landed on the Teletubbies. I was glued to the spot for five minutes, completely unable to free myself.

I don't trust those cuddly things for a second. There's some psychological mind fuck going on there, I just haven't figured out what it is.

There. I just shared one of my great weaknesses with you. Please don't use the Teletubbies against me.
Currently reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. Blink completes my experience with the Gladwell triology. I'm actually liking this one. I've either read Gladwell's books by happenstance or because he comes recommended. Bitch has great word of mouth. I read the Tipping Point last year because my boss told me to. My Dad gave me Outliers for Christmas. And Blink was the only thing in the Doha bookstore I wasn't ashamed to buy yesterday.

If aything, Gladwell is a fantastic storyteller and thanks to his readable anecdotes, I've plowed through Blink's frst 250 pages this morning.

This means I need another book..and soon.

I just took a peek in the Bahrain's Duty Free book shop and the only title I recognize is Twilight. Dare I buy it and ruin the next four hours of my life?
Fools, I'm stronger than that!

I know it's ridiculous to boycott a novel you've never read. I know this, but I have to stand my ground with Twilight. My beef is really about the fans. When I worked at CTV this summer, the stars of the movie were scheduled for a publicity stop in Toronto. Thankfully, I wasn't around for the actual event, but I was there on the day when wristbands were handed out. There was a crowd of thousands of women (either 10 or 45 years-old) camping out overnight. The CTV building was bustling place to work on even its quietest days, but the Twilight deal was out of control. You could barely enter the building without stepping on some hysterical Twilight fan. I had never seen anything so repulsive. Who fucked with these people as kids? I'm so embarrassed for them.

I decided to never read the books then and there. The less I had in common with these people, the better. I'm pretty rough, eh?

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  1. mere, i took that very same stand against Harry Potter books. Twilight was recommended to me before i heard all the hype, but by my little sister and when she told me it was a vampire romance, i didn't really take her seriously. thennn the book exploded. still didn't want to read it. but i was curious. i watched the movie.... LOVED IT (it's not academy award-worthy but it appeals to the XX chroms in me... and any woman for that matter, to have "the perfect man").

    then i read all four books.
    mild obsession here, no big deal.

    and if you hate it, i look forward to your Hack the Bone twilight bash post!! :)


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