Sunday, March 29, 2009

My near brush with greatness

When news broke that an organization in Qatar was attempting to break two Guinness World Records yesterday, I was pretty excited.

When announced the records were that of longest sandwich and biggest bowl of pasta, I freaked out.

The world’s biggest sandwich!? The glutton in me was overjoyed.

I know what it takes to make a successful sandwich. I sat back and let my imagination run wild. So many questions! Would it be long? Tall? Layered or fat? What kind of meat would they use? Turkey, right? It would probably be turkey.
The biggest bowl of pasta didn’t interest me as much, but I was still excited to be in the presence of greatness. How many of you have seen world record breaking food? Probably, like none. A glimpse of the world's biggest sandwich would make me more experienced than all of you, at looking at big food and stuff.

The newspaper said the event would be held at the Doha Gold Club. The Doha Gold Club doesn’t exist (unless there is a secret gold club here for really rich people, you never know) but that’s just details. What they meant to say was Doha Golf Club. There was no time published in the paper either (PR fail), so we called the Club to inquire about the details. The receptionist told us it would begin at 10 a.m.

We partied like idiot rock stars the night before, so even though we were hurting in the worst way, we crawled out of bed to bask in the glow of big sandwich city. I wanted some of the big sandwich’s powers to rub off on me.

After a trip to Hardee’s (which neither of us ate) and a near-vomit emergency, we went to the club to find….nothing. There was a really long, empty table and a HUGE empty pasta bowl.

Turns out, the event didn’t start until 5 p.m. We’d been fed a bad tip. Losers. I took a few pictures of the empty table and bowl, but they are too sad to post. We didn’t go back later, our egos bruised and feelings hurt.

Turns out, they did break both records. I’m not going to say who sponsored the event because their PR people did a terrible job of organizing and they don’t deserve a plug from this blog and exposure to my umm….twenty or so readers. So there.

To cheer everyone up, here are some photos of other really big things. Enjoy.
Biggest babies

Biggest dog

Biggest mozzarella stick

Biggest cat?

Biggest cat!

Doha's sandwich was bigger.

World's biggest pizza


  1. Girl, I went there with camera in hand ready to chronicle the know, anything for a post :) Like you, when nothing was happening, I left and didn't go back.

  2. It's a shame we missed it. There was terrible organization, no one seemed to know what was going on.

    At least the giant pasta bowl was kind of cool.

  3. that long giant cat is the most frightening thing ive ever is probably 5 foot nothing like me...thats scary...very did you find such a frightening photo?


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