Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lil Wayne: not welcome in Doha

Exactly one week ago, I heard some exciting news. APPARENTLY, Lil Wayne was scheduled to come to Doha and play a beach concert a la DJ Tiesto (!!!). To me, this event in the making was sooo hilariously random. I was stoked just to see what kind of crowd would attend.

You can imagine how excited DKM was too. He seemed to think that this was the final step in christening Qatar as the ideal place to live, for the moment. The country has steadily progressed for the better in the past decade. We have incredible royalty and political leaders here, who are truly invested in making Doha thrive.

That said, the kind of guests these leaders want to attract are a little different from Mr. Wayne.

Since I moved here almost three months ago, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Sergio Garcia, Richard Branson, DJ Tiesto (I thought I told you to shutttt up), Nancy Pelosi, Mahmou Ahmadinejad and a bunch of other random people have visited Doha. My creepy older crush, Bill Clinton will be here in a few weeks. There is a lot going on.

Needless to say, Lil Wayne doesn't fit neatly on that list. He sticks out like....a drug addicted rapper in Doha. I was shocked to hear he'd perform here and immediately thought that someone hadn't thought that through.

Turns out I was right. Lil Wayne won't be spotted walking along the corniche just yet. His concert was cancelled yesterday, after the marijuana loving rapper was flagged by Interpol (!!!). I received this message, from the event organizers in my Facebook inbox:

We have been informed by the Ministry of the Interior that they will NOT be permitting Dewayne Michael Carter AKA lil Wayne To enter or perform in Qatar and that's due to him being recently flagged by Interpol.We operate under the laws of the State of Qatar and we would not like to tarnish the state's image in any way or form. We have informed the artist's management that we will not be proceeding with the event scheduled to take place on the 16th of April at the Intercontinental Qatar and they communicated that they are disappointed that they could not fulfil their commitment to all the fans in Qatar. We are still on for the 16th with a Mega Star, Look out for the flyer.Thanks for your support.

I wonder who the Mega Star will be. DKM seems to think it's Bryan Adams. I think it will be local DJ Joe Mitri.

I'm not slagging the Ministry for cancelling the event. I'm siding with the government on this one. Lil Wayne basically embodies everything that this country is not. He's a wonderful fit for the West, but Qatar just isn't there yet. Did you see his interview with Katie Couric? The guy wouldn't survive overnight in a Muslim country. For fuck's sake, VH1 is resurrecting its show to make a Behind the Music special about him. Behind the Music hasn't been on in years. He's kind of controversial.

I know the youth of Doha want the city to become a current, happening place, and while it would be great in theory, I think the right decision was made not to invest in the singer. The Emir and Her Highness (also known as the greatest royal couple EVER) have spent the last decade investing in education, culture, science and the arts and have worked too hard at establishing Qatar as a leader in these fields to have a visit from a popular rapper overshadow that.

Yes, I realize how lame I sound. Partying at a Lil. Wayne concert would be ridiculous. But Doha has bigger and better things to accomplish. I'd rather Qatar make international headlines for the fact they will open one University a year until 2012, or for the Science and Technology Park last week, and not for the fact that Lil Wayne came to Doha, only to be arrested for vulgarity. Predicting his visit would be a disaster is one of the smartest things the government could ever do.

Now bring on Slick Willy.


  1. I am a big fan of black pearl and I am sorry to say this,

    I think the whole thing was just a stunt just to remind people of the black pearl.

    Because I don't think Lil Wayne was even scheduled to come to Doha.

    And I know for a fact the Interpol thing is bull shit.

    You know something me and my friends were talking about this happening way before they canceled the event we were just waiting to say something like we are sorry he couldn't make it.

    But we never expected them to put the guy on the Interpol list.

    Because Lil Wayne and couldn't what makes black pearl so special.

    And he was disappointed!!!!


    Any way nobody ever knows the truth about this kind of stuff.

    I didn't want to post a comment this big but what to do. Any way you did a good job on this.

  2. the person who posted the first post is simply gay!!

  3. hey.............i am with lil wayne now.....
    !!!!.....and he is reading this.......!!!!

  4. If g unit artists, fatman scoop could come to doha i see no reason lil wayne couldnt come. His dates were never saying hes coming to doha it was all made up

  5. this is simply wasteful, lil wayne was never scheduled to come to doha, all a publicity stint by a few people thinking they have big connections in the US, theres even people trying to start their own record companies? what? sorry guys but you guys are failures...leave it to the people who can do it and dont make up lies about rappers coming to doha under your label...


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