Monday, March 9, 2009

Just a jerk in a suit

**Result of googling 'jerk in a suit.' I like this photo a lot.
My apologies for being a negligent blogger. How many times has that ugly sentence been penned? Probably more than a few. But seriously, I'm sorry you had to check back and see Sean Avery's ugly mug the past few days. He's not the prettiest thing around.

I didn't want to be a lazy web site writer lady, but life got in the way. I've got this new job, which is AWESOME and Anny is visiting from Toronto this week. Anny is blogging about her Middle Eastern adventures, so you can sort of stalk us indirectly here: Anny in Qatar
Sidenote about my job, I'm working with a bunch of Canadians. I brought my boss Clamato this morning. Is that sucking up or just being really cool on my second day? Thin line.

It is through checking my site at work that I realize how wildly inappropriate my writing can be in an office environment. I'll be calm and won't post any photos of shirtless men today, though I will never tone down on the swearing. I love to cuss and have not breathed enough swears in the past days. Fuckity fuck fuck. Fuck. Ahhhh I feel good.

I'm never going to put my company's name on Hack the Bone because that would be STUPID, but I will say that is is a public relations agency that I love because they seem to think I'm good at what I do. Fools! Now what's in the news....

Happy daylight savings to everyone in Canada!! I like springing forward because it means that my friends are now seven hours behind me, instead of eight. I still live in the future and everything, but it's the not so distant future. When I was unemployed and being a nerd alert on the computer, I would get excited each day when 5 p.m. rolled around because it meant my buddies were getting to work. Sundays were depressing.

If any of this is really old news, it's a result of me climbing out of the North American news circuit. I'm back in now, I swears.
You heard about the Seinfeld reunion, right? Curb your Enthusiasm will feature all of the characters in several episodes this season. Even the racist one that Hollywood's been hiding in a closet for the past three years. I'm not the biggest Seinfeld geek, but a lot of my people are. So congratulations.

New Simpsons Opening in HD. No big deal, it's only been TWENTY YEARS since the show debuted. I'm sure there are lots of crusty Simpsons fans who resist all change, but I like the new opening. Thanks to YouTube I can watch it frame by frame and catch every little wacky Groening detail.

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