Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I have a crush on a stranger

We briefly conversed outside a shopping centre today. He was a young, distinguished looking Qatari dude. I’ll transcribe our brief interaction, when I felt like a street merchant next to his beauty.

Qatari: (waving his VISA around, looking for a bank machine) do you know where?
Me: Yes, try over there.
(We walk a few paces beside each other)
Qatari: You work here?
Me: Yes (Pause). You?
Qatari: (shocked) me? Ha-ha no.
Me: Ah.
Qatari (finds bank): Thank you.
Me: (swooning) Bye bye.

I felt like such a plebian, I almost asked him for money. Maybe next time.


No surprise here. Lego makes the coolest business cards in the league.

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