Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fox News Aftermath

Last night at dinner, I drank two beers and got legitimately drunk. Who is this girl?

I’m so mad that my tolerance won't hang out with me any more. When I decided to move to Qatar, my formerly awesome tolerance was all, “We’re going to the desert? For serious? Fuck that! I’m staying in Toronto to party.” And then we went our separate ways.

Anyway, after my two HUGE beers, I posted that Fox News clip, which is absolutely burning up the Interwebs. I thought posting it would be therapeutic, but my anger wasn't satiated through blogging. I then pulled a Lohan and went on a cracked out twitter rampage, targeting my insane tweets at Bill Schulz and the gang at Fox News.

There was an army of pissed off Canadians doing the exact same thing last night. Honestly, I was inspired to be a part of a viral movement like that. I watched people mobilize within a matter of hours-- all standing up for Canada and our brave troops. It was great. I hope Schulz et al. have learned their lesson – do not belittle Canadians because we will get drunk and assault you over the Internet. Take that!

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  1. i completely agree with you, we should all get drunk and stand up for Canada! ;) but seriously, I'm so proud to be Canadian and have Canadians stand up for our country and our troops. We're NOT going to let the US walk all over us! (at least not be silent about it)


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