Monday, March 9, 2009

Changes coming to Facebook

Oh shit. You know what that means. Constant status updates from people complaining about the new facebook a la:

Johnny thinks the new facebook is stoopid.

Sally hates facebook she is totally. deleting. it. right. now.

You can read about the changes here. Seems they're taking the best parts of twitter and applying it to facebook.

Facebook is changing its status update application. Instead of the ubiquitous white space, the new status prompt will ask the user, "what's on your mind?" I'm sure a lot of my friends will use this application to write hilarious and insightful musings because I know funny people, but you knowwwww most facebook assholes are going to just ruin it.

There will also be an option to 'silence' certain friends on your mini feed. That's a feature I can buy into. It's perfect for one of my "friends" -- a budding art student with slight dyslexia who updates art projects daily. He is no good at art. Or words. Or life, really. I would delete him, but I'm concerned I might actually miss his constant updates once he's gone. But seriously, get off my homepage you fuck!

So yea, changes are fast approaching. Try not to get too excited.

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  1. New Facebook changes are in.

    They're fucking garbage


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