Thursday, February 12, 2009

Twestival and Other Nuggets

I’m not going to post for a few days so I’m going to leave you with a bunch of awesome videos and ish. I’m going to Twestival Doha tonight, a charity event organized by the global Twitter community. There will be parties in almost 200 cities around the world. Geeks unite!

Social media is growing quickly in Doha, but a lot of people are unawares to the Twitter phenomenon. Twestival Toronto is being held at CIRCA, while Twestival Doha will be on a much smaller scale. I think there are only about 40 people in Doha actually using Twitter, while Toronto’s community numbers in the thousands.

We’re hoping Twestival will be the start of a new community in Doha, uniting people with nerdy interests. The power of Twitter amazes me. This week, Erykah Badu twittered the birth of her baby. She was dialated eight inches and still posting updates online. Batty.

So yea...I’m Twestival-ing tonight and celebrating at the Ritz tomorrow, so I plan to disappear from the interwebs for a few days.

Here's what distracted me for the last 24 hours:
Congratulations to my buddies at the Loose Moose. I hear you’re this year's Ski Cup champions aka best drunken assholes. I’m bitter I couldn't be there. Someone please get some video up on facebook, so I can make fun of you from Qatar. Mary, do something, or I will post footage of our First Wives Club dance. Yes, I have some! You make a fantastic Diane Keaton. Just do it and please, don’t call my bluff.
Last night, I watched the new episode of Flight of the Conchords. Just as I was about to proclaim it a victim of the sophomore curse, my favourite guy, Jim Gaffigan made a guest appearance.

I posted a link to one of his bits before, but you probably ignored me then, so check him out now. He talks a lot about food, and will do an entire set about bacon, or ketchup or cake. He loves eating and I love him.

I'm happy the Conchords keeps recruiting high-level standup talent. First Demetri Martin (cool article intellectualizing Martin’s standup in New York magazine here) and now Gaffigan. If they get Louis CK I will be infinitely satisfied.
Dominic West who plays Det. Jimmy McNulty (Nick Nolte) is actually British. Whoa man.
Turtle trying to eat a tomato = tilting at windmills, in video form.
If Joaquin Phoenix's crazy man bit is truly an act, he's done his homework. This Letterman appearance is bound to go down in television trainwreck history.


  1. Who told you about Demetri Martin?

    Who told you about The Wire?

    Try and challenge me at something Mere, I dare you!!!

  2. I heard about Demetri Martin from Meg first!!
    Write a blog post-- D and I need something to talk about

  3. That isn't true!!!!! I told you guys about him for your bus ride to NY.

    I just wrote a couple. I have a drinking story coming up too, its been a long week at work


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