Monday, February 9, 2009

Things I can’t find in Doha

This bossy sign I found on google is not in charge of me. Here's the list:

1. Clamato. We’ve been through this. I will stop whining eventually (when I find it, bitches).

2. The hair elastics I like. They’re made by Goody and don’t break your hair. Just smooth elastic all around. The best.
3. Reasonably priced coffee. It is expensive everyyyywhere. At Starbucks you can pay 20 riyals for a specialty coffee which is $6.33 CAD. Even a shitty cup of java costs 15 riyals. I love coffee, so this kind of sucks.
*Ed Note. The exorbitant price of coffee is balanced by the price of gas as it only costs $10 to fill up DKM's Land Rover.

4. Anything good on TV. Al-Jazeera is great, and I recently befriended some of the new media guys there (I'm cool), but you can only watch for so long before you become despondent and feel really crummy. Instead, I watch a shitload of pirated television on my computer. Also, the men from the counterfeit DVD store lovvve us. I’m currently flipping between Lost, the Wire, Cheers, Frasier, and Little Britain. I always watch Gossip Girl (and then obsessively read the nymag recaps. Anyone familiar with comfortablysmug is on my level), the Office and 30 Rock. I am a criminal. If you aren't watching Little Britain yet, please start.

5. A job. Ba-dum-bum! Bumming and slumming has its perks, but a la Lisa Simpson, I need to be judged and graded and told that I'm good. I miss writing for PR-- It's a constant exercise in positivity. The challenge is finding ways to proclaim your company best without sounding like a turd. This is fun for me.
My unemployment sometimes benefits DKM as I have time to iron his clothes and such. I enjoy ironing, so long as I've got music to keep me company. I really like it when DKM comes home and does a happy dance because he doesn't have to do laundry. The day he stops dancing, however, I will put a giant crease in all of his pants, so help me God.

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