Monday, February 16, 2009

There are photos of animals playing every sport online. The Internet is a beautiful thing.

Seriously. I just found photos of elephants playing soccer, dogs playing pool and llamas in the midst of a volleyball game. Why why why?

I was looking for pictures of sporty animals because tonight, I golf. Evening is the best time to play in Doha. It's just too damned hot to play during the day. I like going to the golf club-- you can booze lots while talking to the stray cats who miaow at you while you eat.
No rabies, please.

When it comes it golf, I'm a rookie. I'm trying to hone my skills, but lack the patience to become a serious golfer. The intention to really love the sport is there-- I bought sweet golf shoes and am in the market for really cute outfits.

Golf is one of those things I'd love to be really good at, but only if I can skip the two-year phase where I suck balls. Is there a way to be instantly good? Because I'm totally down for that.
I'm golfing tonight because DKM is in a tournament Wednesday and "needs to practice."

Funny thing about that, the tourney is sponsored by Glenfidditch. He has been explicitly told that he will play shitfaced. His game does not matter. He will play one hole sober, until the scotch cart girl shows up, and all scores go out the window, but we still need to practice. It's very important. Riiiiight.

I wholly encourage DKM's golf habit. He can play in as many tournaments as he likes, so long as he invites me to the drunken dinner after. Yay free meal. I look forward to laughing at the players who've downed a fifth of scotch, trying to compose themselves in front of their wives. Brilliant.

Why aren't I playing in the tournament, you ask? Well, because I'm terrible. I also wasn't invited, but more importantly, I have a job interview Wednesday! I don't want to jinx myself, but...fuck, too late for that. I won't name my prospective employer, because no organization would want their good name sullied via association with this blog. Good or bad, I'll let you know how it goes on Thursday.

I need it go well, so I can leave employment purgatory. For your sakes, hope I do something embarassing because it will make for a great Hack the Bone entry. Things are looking up either way, friends.

Now can Monday please start in Canada already? There are websites and TV shows that need to be read and watched, by me.

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