Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Nuggets

Please excuse if this post reads a little spastic. The newspaper delivery man must have been trying to make up for yesterday’s disappearing act by OPENING MY DOOR and placing the newspaper INSIDE THE APARTMENT. That didn’t scare the shit out of me at all.

I feel violated. There’s probably someone in the closet watching me type this right now. If I don't make it through the day, at least I will leave a beautiful, if slightly drunken corpse.

I promised to write about yesterday’s interview but sadly, there’s no comical story to go with. I can be super profesh when I have to. Boring. As for the result, buddy’s company only has full-time sales positions available (eww sales) but can offer me freelance writing/copy editing jobs on the side. I’m down to get paid to sit at home and write stuff. It will tide me over, as I soldier on with the job search.


I went to that Glenfiddich dinner last night. Five courses of bland, Scottish food. Tepid haggis. Overcooked steak. I didn't eat much so I filled up on wine. It was fun, besides the part where I tried aged whiskey and pretended to like it to fit in. I can still taste that shit this morning. My tongue is pissed.

We were at a table filled with cool, interesting people, with the glaring exception of the guy who sat next to DKM. He was an insufferable prick – the type of man who thinks it's cute to openly disrespect the serving staff. He called everyone working “Ahkmed,” even though they were clearly Pilipino. Not sure how that dude has survived in Doha without having his tongue cut off.

My grandmother taught me to be wary of those who treat waiters poorly. Their moral fiber won't hold. She also said not to trust people with “sharp faces,” because they are usually sneaky. Here is a person with a sharp face: Note the jarring angles. Not to be trusted.

My grandmother was an angel, so listen to her. Life lessons on Hack the Bone.


This is my new favourite cat in Doha. He was spotted at the golf club last night, eating scraps from a neighbouring table.
I could not believe how fat and proud this little guy was. He is clearly the king of Doha’s feral cat scene. All other kitties must pay respect.


AC Milan is coming to Doha for a match next month. Isn't that where Beckham was going to play if he peaced out of L.A.? This will be the third time I came sorta kinda close to seeing Becks in person. My Dad opted to take his wife to the Toronto FC matches with Becks, instead of me. Smart guy. It's probably for the best that Beckham isn't coming to Doha, pretty sure the city would shut down and never recover from that level of star power.

Hey, we've got Sir Bob Geldof playing here next month, we're not totally devoid of celebrity. Hah.


I'm happy Obama's sending 17,000 troops to Afghanistan. They were originally slated for Iraq, but were redirected. Lots of love to Wilf and the Canadian soldiers serving right now. Stay safe.

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