Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Office - The Wire Mashup

This is probably old news, but it's the first time the information is relevant to me, so I'm posting it. Despite DKM's hilarious and inspired post yesterday, this is still MY blog. And don't you forget it.

Reports say that Idris Elba aka Stringer Bell from the Wire is joining the cast of the Office for a six-episode run. He's supposedly taking over Jan's role at corporate.

This is the second actor the Office has poached from the Wire's talent pool. The delightful Amy Ryan was the best thing to happen to Scranton in a long while, and I hope they bring her back soon.

Is it just me, or has the Office kind of sucked this season? It used to be on my list of awesome, crying-laughing shows, but sadly, I think it may have jumped the shark. Jim and Pam's unrequited love used to make me giddy, but now their storylines stink.
Jim + Pam + happiness = ruin the freaking show why don't you?
Thank goodness for Ed Helms. The tortured Andy Bernard is the best part of the Office lately.

That said, I still watch religiously and will be there when Stringer Bell meets Michael Scott. That's what you call inspired casting, my friends.
PS Who saw Kirsten Wiig on the latest Conchords episode? It's like they're using a list of my favourite people for casting calls. The episode Michael Gondry directed last week was probably my favourite ever. Too many dicks on the dance floor? Instant classic.

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