Sunday, February 15, 2009

Know what I haven’t done in a while?

Besides that. Hahaha.

I haven’t watched a hockey game. All televised sports have been off my radar since I moved to the Gulf. It’s the first time in yeeeears I’ve taken a vacation from sports and I dun like it.

Unfortunately, I’m a Leafs fan. Growing up, loving the Leafs was a huge part of my identity. Being competitive and all, I liked to know more about the Leafs than my friends and then rub it in their faces. I was kind of an asshole about that, but I’ve matured.

I never cared much for other clubs, save for the players I would do dirty things to. My favourites include 1990s Paul Kariya, Teemu Selanne, and Alex Ovechkin. Don’t make fun of my taste as this is not the forum for such debate. There are websites dedicated to that shit.

Sooooo I just got distracted and fought for Teemu’s honour on some puck bunny forum (for research). There's an army of Sidney Crosby bunnies on this thing! Turns out Crosby fans are the hockey world’s Brangelunatics—Boring, yet really aggressive. I will call them something Trolkeins. Get it? Crosby = troll. Troll + Tolkein = double burn.

I digress. Goulet! The point of this post is to make it known I'm out of the hockey loop, and I need back in. I want a *good* Leafs website to visit, something akin to Drunk Jays Fans—funny and not written by monkeys. I used to watch this kid Steve Dangle’s YouTube recaps after every game, but he’s no good (read, fucking annoying) if you didn’t see the actual match.

Friends, please advise.

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